Three Ways To Cope With Being Single During The Holidays

Three Ways To Cope With Being Single During The Holidays

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Being single during the holidays can feel depressing and overwhelming for some. When you celebrate the holidays with family, you may endure the tough question of why you haven’t found a special someone.

During these times, it is important to remember how much fun being single can actually be. Whether you recently got out of a relationship, haven’t found one, or have no desire for a relationship but have a distaste for the holiday season, try some of the suggestions below and see if how you feel towards being single can change more positively.⠀⠀⠀⠀

1. Self Care

Being single during the holidays, you don’t have to worry about making plans to fit a partner’s needs or his/her family. You are free to do as you please! Whatever makes you happy such as having a spa date with friends, updating your wardrobe, redecorating your home for your own comfort, planing a trip to see a friend that has been begging you to come and visit, do what makes you feel good!

2. Volunteer 

Volunteering during the holidays is rewarding in many ways. There are people in your community that are less fortunate and are in immediate need. Going to your local community organizations to give a helping hand can greatly impact your life. It will also remind you to be grateful for what you have, whether it’s good health or having the necessities needed in life.

3. Go Out More Often

Staying home and isolating yourself is not a healthy option when you are single. This can trigger significant feelings of being lonely or depressed. As a preventative measure of slipping into loneliness, go out of the house more often.

Whether it’s going to a coffee shop with friends, finding a workout partner you can go to the gym with, going to your job’s holiday party or a local holiday party, find out events that’s going on near you that you can attend with a friend, and much more. Being around others is very helpful in boosting your overall mood.

Single for the Holidays

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