To Fight or Not to Fight: That is the Question!!

Good evening lovelies – tonight I was wondering what topic I’d like to discuss this evening, oh what subject shall we delve into now I thought on the way to dinner…. My kids and I get to the restaurant, with my 70+ yr old Granny, and then like a gift from baby Jesus- it happens…. A fight, yup fellow Baller Alert fans, a FIGHT, no blows,  but a true to life, 2 grown women fighting, screaming in the middle of the restaurant, arguing over who knows what. At 1st I tried to be the responsible mother, you know- kids don’t stare type of mother, but I couldn’t help myself. Eventually I found myself “going to the bathroom”, just to get a closer look at this scene that was going down at the Mexican food place!! Like what the HELL is this?!?!? I mean, at 1st, from my booth, which was sort of in the back of the place, these girls looked like just that- girls. Then as I got closer I realized oh no- not only were they NOT “girls” they were at least mid-30’s pushing 40’s. So I feel a need to ask ladies- at what point are we too old for this garbage?

Personally, I stopped the public displays of stupid ass girl’s gone wild style of fighting years and years ago, after all I do have kids…. However, I’ve seen many, MANY of my fellow women still out and about just ready to pounce whenever, wherever, kids/no kids, in public, panties, no panties- you get the idea. I think enough is enough, what is the public opinion though? I have a daughter, I don’t really think she needs to see me acting like a jackass fighting with or cussing out some other woman for a really idiotic reason, and then I turn around and punish her for following in my footsteps, IF she ever did. So who do I want to be? The do as I say, not as I do- or the follow my examples mom. I KNOW I’m not perfect, by any means, but what the fuck could go down at La Margarita that you almost come to blows?? Seriously people.  Why do you want to get all dressed up, go out for a great night out on the town, fresh hair, fresh make up, new outfit, badass shoes- and then you fuck it all up by getting in a fight. Hair’s flying, jewelry is flying, next thing you know your shoes are gone, brand new dress ripped- and for what?? For some dumb ass chick that was trying to poke at you, and trying to get at your ass all night, and you finally had that 1 last drink, and thought- OK bitch, enough! I know ladies, I’ve been there—— when I was 18!! As we mature, we find different ways to handle our shit.

My advice, if some dumb chick is all up your ass, for any reason, handle yourself with class. Even if that means you walk away. YES- you walk away. You don’t own the bar or the barstool you’re sitting on, get your happy ass up, and walk your pretty ass away from her stupid ass. You’ll save your entire outfit, and your attitude. If for any reason the same bitch keeps making moves to piss you off, my personal advice, be as nice as you can. Yup, that’s right- BE NICE BITCH, buy the bitch a shot or two. Be her friend and let me tell you why. She is obviously all over you for some reason, and the most common is jealousy. So, walk away, if that doesn’t work, be nice. If that works a bit, be nicer- if you buy her a shot or 2 on top of the drinks she’s already had……. Then who’s going to be fucked by the end of the night? Not you J

So, what’s really going on is you look like Mr. nice guy, while she’s becoming Mr. drunk guy, and by the end of the night, you’re walking tall, straight, hairs right, dress is sexy, make up is on point- and her? Well, hairs a mess, make up is sweating off, clothes wrinkled from the drunken dancing and sitting then standing (if we’re lucky- she’s got some God awful panty line too!!), etc., and she’s probably now your biggest fan. So- do you see what we’ve done here ladies?? We’ve gone from trashy- to sassy and classy! Remember loves- Be a woman that’s worth respecting!!!!  If you simply CAN NOT think of any way to turn a situation around from trashy to sassy, step back, take a break, even if it’s a little bit sneaky a little bit mischievous– make sure you come out on the sunny side!!! That ladies is the mark of a real MOB*Star Bitch!

Tootles for now loves!!

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