Transgender Beauty Influencer Makes History As The First On The Cover Of Playboy Mexico

The Playboy family has made history as their Mexico affiliate debuted their first transgender model on the cover of Playboy Mexico.

Playboy Mexico is committed to the openness and diversity for which we fight daily in this country,” the magazine wrote in Spanish on Instagram. “The brand has historically been singled out because pleasure is a benefit to all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or race.”

Beauty influencer Victoria Volkova, a Querétaro native, is an advocate for the LGBTQ community in her homeland. She shared the groundbreaking announcement and what it means with her 900,00 Instagram followers.

“This cover celebrates the different ways of being a woman, the different ways of being beautiful, the different ways in which one can explore their sensuality and enjoy the process,” she said in a post announcing the cover.

The 27-year-old model hopes that her pictorial will make people “more curious about how trans people live in this country and in the world and what we have to go through to live a dignified life.”

Through her platforms, she has openly spoken about her transition and journey to accepting herself.

“For a long time, I hated my body and hated being a trans woman, since I thought that that was what made me a less valuable person, less deserving of love, less ‘normal,'” Volkova wrote in Spanish on Instagram.

Ultimately, Volkova realized that before anyone else can accept her, she has to accept herself.

“Embrace your imperfections and tell them thank you for making you so unique and so different,” she said. When you do, “you learn that your biggest difference, why people teased you at school, is what years later will make you stand out from the rest.”

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