Travis Scott Allowed Fan Who Climbed On Stage At Concert To Perform Song With Him


Rolling Loud was crazy but in the midst of all the chaos, #TravisScott managed to help a fan and possibly make his entire concert experience.  On Saturday, while Scott was on stage with Quavo, a fan climbed on the stage and security guards immediately rushed over to rectify the situation.  As the security guards were about to throw him on the floor and take action, Scott stopped the guards and allowed the fan to come on stage and even sing a couple of the words from the song into the mic.


After the song was over Scott allowed the fan to get off the stage and directed the security to leave him be.  “Security, don’t you touch him. I got you. Turn the lights on.  Don’t do that cop, he good, he’s okay, he’s okay. No, no, no. He part of the show. He ok. He part of the show. He all right. He a fan, bro. We don’t do that,” he said.


The audience applauded for Scott’s noble deed.  As the fan climbed back down into the crowd, he even directed for other fans to help him as well.  “Everybody with a camera, put your cameras down. Ya’ll help this kid.”



What could have turned into a very negative situation, the trap rockstar changed the for the better.  If you were a celebrity, would you have done the same thing if a fan climbed on stage?

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