Joe Biden’s DNC Ratings Tops Donald Trump's RNC, Trump’s Goal Was To “Demolish” Biden’s Numbers

Joe Biden’s DNC Ratings Tops Donald Trump’s RNC, Trump’s Goal Was To “Demolish” Biden’s Numbers

Well folks, allegedly Donald Trump’s big goal for the RNC was to beat Biden and the DNC in ratings, telling his closest aides he would “demolish” their numbers, the Daily Beast reports. Trump was requesting daily rating updates for the DNC, and instead of putting thought into how he could use his time at the podium to possibly quell panic among our largely divided nation, his mind was only on the views, a senior administration official told the publication.

According to the initial Nielsen numbers, Biden’s speech Thursday night drew 17.5 million viewers across three broadcast networks and three major cable news networks, 3 million more than Trump’s 14.1 million. Those numbers are only for the duration of the nominee’s speeches. If the numbers are expanded out over nine broadcast networks, Biden is at 24.6 million views and Trump at 23.8 million, but whichever way you spin it, Trump’s rating was still down.

Trump’s speech was the longest acceptance speech in history totaling 70 minutes, and the second-longest convention speech, just after his previous 75-minute speech at the 2016 RNC. Trump spoke close to three times as long as Joe Biden.

The Democratic convention also received an overall higher rating compared to the Republican convention when views across all four days are added up. The DNC kicked things off on a high note with former First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech garnering 18.7 million views on night one, compared to the first-night speakers at the RNC such as Donald Trump Jr. and Sen. Tim Scott who received 15.8 million views. On night two, it was a closer margin, DNC headliner Jill Biden has 18.6 million total views to Melania Trump’s 18 million. Then on the third night, there was a much wider gap in views between Vice President Mike Pence’s 15.7 million viewers to Kamala Harris’s 21.5 million.

The Daily Beast also reports that while the DNC’s ratings generally grew over the course of the convention, the RNC’s numbers appear to have stayed flat or even dropped each day. Viewership was spread out fairly evenly across each of the networks for the DNC, while Fox News accounted for almost half of the views for the RNC, with 46% of people tuning into the network each night, according to CNN.

The morning after his speech, Trump tweeted “Great Ratings & Reviews Last Night. Thank you!” He has yet to acknowledge his loss to Biden, who he’s of course nicknamed “Sleepy Joe.”

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