Try Veganism And You Could Win Free Beyonce And Jay-Z Tickets For 30 Years

Last night, Beyonce launched her ‘Greenprint Project’ through a grassroots social media campaign, with husband Jay-Z right by her side, in support of the initiative that aims to encourage the integration of plant-based foods in our daily diet. 

And of course, with any real challenge, a reward is imminent. So for those disciplined and encouraged enough to try veganism for one month, as well as provide some form of proof, they get free Beyonce and Jay-Z concert tickets for 30 years.

The ‘Greenprint Project’ mission is to elevate awareness and action around the many benefits of plant-based foods and its effect on you, your family, your community, and the planet. The Greenprint is comprised of four primary initiatives: the digital tool, book, documentary, and clinical trial.

According to the project’s website, the couple along with exercise physiologist, Marco Borges, believe that “optimum health shouldn’t be something that is reserved for a select few but is a right for all. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best, happiest life.”

The contest ends on April 22.


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