TV Show “Your Face Sounds Familiar” Faces Backlash For Blackface, Show Responds

The TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar” recently faced backlash for the recent viral video of a white woman in Blackface and has chosen to respond.

Through Instagram, the show reached out to its viewers with a letter that started by saying that they “are very surprised with the number of negative comments regarding the TV show.”

Continuing to say that the show’s Polish edition is seen as exemplary abroad and always tries to show great performances that aim to be as close to the original as possible.

“Incredibly important for us, as well as for the artist taking part in the show, is the charity aspect of the programmer. “Your Face Sounds Familiar” is an entertainment show, which invites celebrities to try and recreate the image and the performance of famous and distinguished artists while trying to be as accurate in the depiction as they can,” the show’s Instagram page captioned.

The letter went on to say that professionals prepare performers and that over the years, the greatest artists in Poland joined in on the fun, which included performances of Kasia Skrzynecka as Tina Turner, Agnieszka Wlodarczyk as Michael Jackson, and many others.

“The intention of each star performing on the show, as well as of the whole production team, is to recreate the original performance in the most precise manner while honoring the original artist. The artist who is of the utmost importance for all of us, who love music,” the letter concluded.

The posted letter didn’t really mention or give an apology for the use of Blackface.

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