Twitter Reacts To Alyssa Milano’s Call For A “Sex Strike” To Protest Anti-Abortion Laws

Since news broke of the recent “heartbeat bill” passing in the state of Georgia, there’s been a civil uproar, and many are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, support, and opposition. 

Actress Alyssa Milano, who is best known for her roles in popular TV shows like “Who’s The Boss?”, “Melrose Place” and the cult classic, “Charmed,” has worn her activist hat in recent years and is to blame for the recent outrage over a proposed “sex strike” to protest against the anti-abortion law to take effect in Georgia by the year 2020. 

Milano tweeted, “Our reproductive rights are being erased.

Until women have legal control over our own bodies, we just cannot risk pregnancy. 

JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back.

I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on.”

Although, social media activism tends to take a life of its own, it seems that Alyssa may need to speak for herself on this one because the Twitterverse wasted no time dragging her for filth with this no-cockamamie call for no action in the bedroom. In fact, we’re taking notes from Meg The Stallion all Summer 19 so holding out on the cookie goes against the grain sis, we may have to sit this one out. 

No matter your personal thoughts on the topic, any infringement on the rights and choices a person has over their own body and right to choose what to do with it is a slippery slope and sets us back a few decades in the wrong direction. Twitter users appear to lean on both sides of this argument, but one thing is clear: ain’t nobody trying to hear anyone telling women what to do or not do with their bodies. Period.

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