Twitter Reacts To Nascar Celebrating Pride Month With “YASCAR” Merch
NASCAR Yascar tweet

Twitter Reacts To Nascar Celebrating Pride Month With “YASCAR” Merch

Twitter is having a field day with Nascar after the race car company shared their uproarious Pride Month message.

On Wednesday, the organization, which has a reputation for not being the most welcoming to the LGBTQ community in the past, shared a message they believed to be a show of solidarity. Instead, the post sparked a tsunami of memes and jokes from Twitter users across the platform.

Showcasing their Pride Month merch, the organization, unprovoked, we might add, tweeted “YASCAR” with the rainbow emoji. As you probably know, the term “Yas” or “Yass” is a variation of the word “Yes” and is commonly associated with the gay community. 

In true fashion, users could not rest until they dragged and even praised “YASCAR” in all of it’s gay glory. Have a laugh with us as we take a look at some of Twitter’s best reactions to the tweet.






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