Twitter Reacts To Patrick Patterson’s IG Post Complaining About The NBA Rescheduling Game Cancelled After Kobe’s Death

Los Angeles Clipper Patrick Patterson has basketball fans outraged after he posted his reaction to the NBA announcing that they’ve rescheduled a Clippers-Lakers match up that was canceled after Kobe Bryant’s death.

The game was originally supposed to be played on January 28th, a mere 4 days after the Laker legend died in a helicopter crash that also killed 8 others.

The NBA respectfully canceled the game in the wake of the tragedy, and now for some reason, the announcement of a makeup game has seemed to piss Paterson off.

Patterson’s seemingly insensitive comments have not only upset hardcore Lakers fans but fans of the game in general as some took to Twitter to drag the Clipper, who is no stranger to controversial tweets.

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