Tyler Perry Reveals He Got Permission To Play Colin Powell In ‘Vice’: ”I Called Him and Asked”

Tyler Perry explained to PeopleTV how Colin Powell gave his blessings for the actor to portray him in “Vice.”

Perry has had many big accomplishments since the start of 2019. He kicked off his “Madea Farwell” stageplay tour with a bang, and now, he’s preparing for the movie version to hit theaters in a few days. Meanwhile, just last night, the trailblazing actor had the honor to present the award for best cinematography.

In a recent interview with PeopleTV, Perry opened up about how his 2018 role in ”Vice” came to be, and shared how he prepared to take on the role as former Secretary of State, Colin Powell. He explained, “I called him and asked if it was OK.” And just like that, he joined the star-studded roster with Amy Adams, Steve Carell, and Sam Rockwell.

Elsewhere in the interview, Perry also admitted, though it may have seemed biased, his favorite performance of the year was from one of his co-stars. Christian Bale stole the show, in his eyes, as he took on the role of former VP, Dick Cheney, in the film. When we say he took on the role, we mean he also took on 40 extra pounds to do the character justice.

Despite the film’s eight nominations, including Best Picture and Actor, it only struck gold for Best Makeup. 

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