Tyrone Hankerson Reportedly Suing Howard University For $10 Million For His Leaked Financial Records

Late last week, an anonymous snitch spilled the tea about a financial aid scandal at Howard University, where six employees were fired for misappropriated university-based grants. In the anonymous report, a student employee by the name of Tyrone Hankerson was named as one of the beneficiaries of the stolen funds.

As a result, Hankerson quickly became the latest internet sensation, with much of Black Twitter praising him for his scandalous ways, from flexing on the ‘Gram to Caucasian living in the Caribbean. SCAMMER *Joanne the Scammer voice*

But now, Hankerson is firing back at his alma mater for all the extra attention over accusations that he stole more than $400,000 from the school.

“What’s more troubling to me is that Howard hasn’t come out and apologized to this young man – this could be anyone’s son, nephew brother,” Hankerson’s lawyer James Walker said according to CBS News. “Regardless, Howard should have come out and said we’re sorry, this should not have happened, his file should not have gotten leaked.”



“The university has a chance here to show how they operate and run the university and how they move swiftly to fix a problem,” Walker continued. “The reason students are protesting is because they feel like every one of their issues, every one of their demands over the years are not met in a sufficient or quick or swift manner.”



Hankerson has already denied all allegations of embezzlement and has said the money he received from the school was at the University’s discretion. But now, it appears he may be taking things a step further, as Afro News reporter, Aya Elamroussi claims Mr. Hankerson will be filing a $10 million suit against the university for his leaked financial records.

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