U.K. Teen Had To Have A USB Removed From His Penis After He Inserted It In His Member To Measure It

A teen in the United Kingdom got a USB cable stuck in his penis during an attempt to measure its size.

A 15-year-old boy had to undergo emergency surgery after he stuck a USB into the urethra of his penis so that he could try to measure the size of his member. The New York Post reports that the teen was “triggered by sexual curiosity” and stuck the USB inside using tips from a published study in the medical journal Urology Case Reports.

When he tried to remove it, the cord got tangled, and both USB ends were hanging out of his privates. He was immediately taken to the hospital; he was urinating blood. The first attempts to remove the wires didn’t work, so he had to be transferred to University College Hospital London.

Doctors had to make an incision near his genitals and anus to get the cord out. The boy recovered from the procedure and was able to be discharged from the hospital the next day. But, he will have to be scanned in a follow-up appointment, and he will be monitored for some time.

Experts say people’s desire to partake in activity such as this stems from sexual curiosity, sexual practice after intoxication, and mental disorders such as borderline, schizoaffective and bipolar personality disorders.”

London andrologist Amr Raheem says acts like this usually lead to complications, including urinary tract infections and urethral injuries. Raheem said phallus-filling maneuvers are “becoming more common as everything is thanks to social media and in general the easier ways that misinformation can be spread.”

Urology Case Reports of U.K. Teen - The New York Post
Urology Case Reports of U.K. Teen

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