U.S. Army Bans TikTok Over ”Security Risks”

The Army, following the lead of the Navy and direct guidance from the Defense Department, has banned the short form video app TikTok from all government-owned phones, according to an Army spokeswoman.

According to NBC News, the Defense Information Systems Agency recommended that all employees of the Defense Department not use the Chinese owned app in a cyber awareness message on December 16th.

Lt. Col. Crystal X. Boring, a public affairs officer for the Army, told NBC in an email that the Army was following the guidance of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, citing TikTok as a potential security risk.

The app is owned by the China-based tech company ByteDance, and came under scrutiny back in October when Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York and Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, a member of the Armed Services and Intelligence committees, asked the acting director of national intelligence, to assess TikTok and other China-based companies for potential security risks.

Military personnel are still allowed to use the app on their personal devices, but the Defense Department has warned that those using the app in their private lives to exercise caution.


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