Understand a Baller’s Needs before his Desires if You want to be Around for a While. Part 2

Here is part 2 ladies…

Need #3: Men Need A Woman Who Provides Him With Space
Every woman knows a man needs his space.

However, sometimes when you are in love with a man it’s hard to give him space. You want to spend as much time as you can with him.

When he’s not around, you feel lonely. While a man may understand this, and you may tell him, he will still want to spend time with himself. Some men may not give a woman their space and want to spend all their time with her.

So, how do you solve this problem?

First, establish a day or days when you and your man can have space for yourself.

Second, established a day or days when you two will do things together.

This way every week there is time for each other as well as for other things. Plus, it gives you something to look forward too when your week is tiring and busy.

Everyone needs space and time for themselves. When men don’t get it, they usually take it. And when that happens, there is usually a woman who is being neglected. Don’t let that woman be you!

Need #4: Men Need A Woman Who Let’s Him Have His Own Friends

Men and women have their own friends. In addition to time for themselves, most men want time for their friends.

Sometimes this causes problems in the relationship. It’s usually a result of the man spending most, if not all, of his time with his friends.

It’s important for you to understand that his friends were there before you came and will probably be there after you leave.

The best thing to do is when you two work out a schedule for space to include time for each other’s friends.

Some men want to spend time with their friend’s everyday or week, others bi-weekly. It’s important to identify how often your man wants to spend time with his friends.

It is possible you may realize he is not the one for you at this time. That’s okay! Just let him know what you think, tell him you will have a difficult time with him spending more time with his friends than with you, and leave him to think about it.

If he continues to ignore and neglect you, leave him! Be with yourself for a little while so you don’t have to deal with another unsuccessful relationship.

One issue you may run into is if your man has women friends. Especially if he is spending his free time with them!
It will be difficult for a man, who has sex listed within his top five priorities, to be friends with a woman. His main objective will always be to figure out how he can sleep with them.

You need to identify how important sex is in your man’s life. If he needs it and can’t live without it, then you may have a problem. If the opportunity arises, he may end up sleeping with his female friend(s).

Keep in mind that good men tend to have better control of their sexual desires because they are focused on more important things.

Finally, the worse that can happen is that you break up with your man. Just find another man who can give you what you need. Or be with yourself.

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