Understand a Baller’s Needs before his Desires if You want to be Around for a While. Part 4

Need #7: Men Need A Woman Who Works With Him

There are times when you do not want to deal with a man. This is usually a result of bad experiences with men.

However, you will meet a good man who has goals and desire a woman to work with him to achieve those goals.

Yes, he may screw up! Yes, he may stress you out at times! But, he is still a good man.

The last thing a good man need is a woman who is unable to assist with his goals. While it is his goals initially, the fact that he desires to share his life with someone indicates he is willing to modify them to include her goals.

This is why you need to have similar goals with your good man. If your goals don’t match his there may be a problem.

If you are still dwelling on the past about your bad relationships, you may be unable to trust and work with him.

You may have a man in your life that doesn’t have goals. Or, he doesn’t care about tomorrow and lives for today. If that is the case, then find a man whom you can trust and is willing to work just as hard as you to achieve your goals.

The most important thing is to have someone with whom you can work with to achieve mutual goals.

The fun is not necessarily in reaching the goals but the journey you take to get there. Ask anyone you know who’s successful in their relationship or marriage if what I say is true.

Need #8: Men Need A Woman Who Is Consistent With Her Actions
A good man needs a woman who is consistent with her actions. While I will agree that most men are not consistent, they need a woman who is consistent.

Many men always say they will do things and never do it.

A man needs a role model. If he sees his woman being consistent, he will have no choice but to be consistent, if that is his goal.

If you are not consistent then there will be some issues.

It is important for you know that if a man loves you, and he knows you love him, he will follow your lead. So, lead by example and mold your man!

Let me add one more thing!

I hear so many complaints from women about men not being consistent and not meaning what they say. Then I hear complaints about how “boring” or “predictable” their man is.

Now imagine for a second you have a good man! How do you think he would react to hearing these statements from other women? I put my hands on my head and shake it left-to-right as if to say, “You’re dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.”

Here’s where I stand on this issue. I would rather bewith a man who is responsible, consistent and someone you can depend on.

I see far too many women suffering because they expect too much from men who lie, steal, cheat, use drugs and in the end it’s the same bull over and over again. God help you if you have a baby by the guy.

If you want consistency you have to give up a little excitement. It doesn’t mean your relationship has to be boring.

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