New Island in The Pacific Ocean Emerges After Underwater Volcano Erupts

New Island in The Pacific Ocean Emerges After Underwater Volcano Erupts

An underwater volcanic eruption has revealed a new island that has more than 8 acres of land in the south Pacific Ocean.

The island emerged after an underwater volcano close to Tonga Islands erupted. It has yet to be named.

Satellite images show the formation of the small island as it becomes more visible, according to reports.

As for the volcano, it is submerged near a seamount known as Home Reef, a region known for having the highest density of underwater volcanos anywhere on Earth.

According to NASA, islands formed by volcanic activity typically don’t last long but may stay around for a number of years.

For over a century, Home Reef has created islands on five occasions, some reaching between 50 and 70 meters in height. One of the islands even revealed a small lagoon in 1984, Science Alert reported.

Lava and rock fragments were noticed in the ocean about 25 kilometers southwest of Late Island before the formation of the new island. Since its first sighting on September 10, the Tonga Geological Services says that the island had grown six times in size.

“The volcano poses low risks to the aviation community and the residents of Vava’u and Ha’apai,” TGS said in a September 20 statement.

“All mariners are, however, advised to sail beyond 4 kilometers away from Home Reef until further notice.” the online notice states. There have been no new sightings of steam or volcanic ash in this stretch of Home Reef.

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