As it was, September 11 was just another day marked on the calendar. For many, today marks the nine year anniversary in which America took a tragic hit from those individuals I like to call cowards. For the life of me I will never understand why so many individuals are born to breed hatred.

Many innocent lives were taken & for what? I remember I was a sophomore in college & the images I saw reminded me of something right out of the movies. Could this be real? Two planes hit the towers & then reality hit, a plane hit the Pentagon. Being from the DC metropolitan area & hearing such, my first instinct was that of panic. All phone lines had crashed which meant all communication was null & void. However, it wasn’t until hours later I was able to reach my family to find out everything was fine. Many of my classmates didn’t have that type of news. Two girls lost their father, a NY firefighter, lost his life in aiding others.

This tragedy touched us all, some more than others. For those who are haunted daily by this tragedy, my thoughts & prayers continue to go out to you. There will never be enough words to comfort you during this time. I imagine, the day plays out as if it were yesterday. Continue leaning on God’s love & strength to get you through.

As crazy as it is, a tragedy shouldn’t be the only time in which we lean on one another for strength. This too like other events could have prevented. What’s done is done, however, neither of us know the time or the hour, but what we can do is LOVE one another as HE has loved us. Reach out to those individuals, let them know that you care. Each day lived should be one of love versus hate.

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