USC Student Threatened To Commit Suicide After Learning Parents Used Admission Services of College Scam Ringleader, Rick Singer

The USC admissions scandal could understandably have many students and alumni on high alert, wondering if their beloved parents also cheated for their academic success. One USC student threatened suicide upon learning her parents used the services of scam ringleader, Rick Singer.

USC sources say the young woman was “grief-stricken” because her parents used Singer’s assistance to help her gain admission. However, according to TMZ, the university investigated and determined, in this case, Singer’s services were legitimate. Sources say the girl is now receiving counseling.

According to the publication, the college admissions scam investigation has broadened, and university officials are now looking to revoke degrees of alums who gained admission by fraud. So far,  university officials believe they have 8 cases of alums suspiciously using Rick Singer’s services. All eight instances used the Athletic Placement Services method to gain admission, just like Lori Laughlin did for her daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella.

One USC alum “self-reported” himself by contacting the university, admitting he cheated on the ACT with the help of Singer. The alum did not meet the academic standard for athletes, although he received a scholarship for football. For his honesty, the university will reportedly not take action against the alum.

USC officials are also interviewing members of the athletic staff, other than those already indicted, and are currently working with both the U.S. Attorney and FBI.

USC Student Threatens suicide

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