USDA Issues Urgent Recall on Meat Products That Was Allegedly Not Inspected Properly Upon Its Arrival to the U.S.

An urgent recall has been issued on some meat products that were brought into the United States.

This month, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued an urgent recall of 10,359 pounds of pork pellet products from Evans Food Group.

Reports show nothing was wrong with the meat in terms of contamination, but rather the meat was not properly inspected when it arrived in the States. So far, no one has cited any issues with the meat products. But, USDA is still warning people to be aware of items and any potential adverse reactions after consuming them.

Most of the items were snacks that contained meat, including Turkey Creek snacks Cazo de Oro, and pork rinds, Local 2 News reports. Some 7-11 brands were a part of the recall.

“There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about a reaction should contact a healthcare provider,” said the FSIS. The FSIS is encouraging anyone who bought the products to throw them away immediately.

The items include:

  • Mac’s 3-oz. Original Porkskin, 12 count
  • Mac’s 5-oz. Original Porkskin, 8 count
  • Mac’s 5-oz. Jalapeño Porkskin, 8 count
  • Mac’s 1.5-oz BBQ Skin Caddy, 2-7 count
  • Cazo de Oro 8-oz. Hot Porkskin, 15 count
  • Cazo de Oro 3.5-oz. Hot Porkskin, 24 count
  • Cazo de Oro 5-lb. Sancocho, 1 count
  • 7-Select 2.1-oz. Chili Lime Porkskin, 6 count
  • 7-Select 2.1-oz. Original Porkskin, 6 count
  • 7-Select 2.1-oz. BBQ Porkskin, 6 count
  • 7-Select 2.1-oz. Hot Porkskin, 6 count
  • Pamana 2.25-oz. Salt & Vinegar Porkskin, 12 count
  • Turkey Creek 2-oz. Chili Lime Hole Punch Porkskin
  • Turkey Creek 2-oz. Original Hole Punch Porkskin, 12 count
  • Turkey Creek 4-oz. BBQ Porkskin, 12 count
  • Turkey Creek 4-oz. Dill Pickle Porkskin, 12 count
  • Turkey Creek 4-oz. Hot Porkskin, 12 count
  • Turkey Creek 4-oz. Original Porkskin, 12 count

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