Vanessa Bryant Denies Ever Getting Plastic Surgery To Keep Kobe From Cheating

I’m not one of those people that likes to say that everyone with money has had plastic surgery but when I look at the old Vanessa Bryant and the one of recent years, I must say…..well, she’s grown into her face.

Via Daily Mail

During her appearance at the London Olympic Games, the 30-year-old set tongues wagging that she had undergone surgery after pictures of her looking rather different from her former self emerged.


A source told The National Enquirer that Vanessa was starting to feel ‘insecure’ about her looks and ‘would do anything to keep Kobe happy.’


Following Kobe’s rumoured reputation of playing away from home, including an admission to one particular infidelity in 2003 and pictures of him shirtless with two women during a recent nightclub venture, Vanessa is said to be ‘obsessed’ with her looks in a bid to stay young and youthful for her husband of 11 years.


A source told the Enquirer: ‘The sad thing is that Vanessa is wrecking her natural beauty.


‘She started freaking out over a few crow’s feet, and the next thing you know she was getting a full facial makeover… she is extremely insecure. 

‘She’d do anything to keep Kobe happy.’

Vanessa’s representatives have blasted the allegations as ‘100 per cent not true’ and ‘ridiculous’.


Now is Kobe’s wife saying she never got any cosmetic surgery or is she saying she never got surgery for the sake of keeping her man? You be the judge.

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