“The Game’s” Vaughn Hebron Talks What to Expect in Reboot, Returning OG Cast Members, Plus Reveals What it Was Like Working with Will Smith on ‘King Richard’ (Video)

Football season is here, and The Game is back! Baller Alert’s Angie B, sat down with Vaughn Hebron, the new male lead of the uber-popular dramedy series which is making its return to Paramont+ this fall. On the show, Vaughn plays the lead role of ‘Jamison Fields,” an undrafted free agent who brings the heat to the San Diego Sabers.

But that’s not all – The Game is also bringing back some of your favorite characters from the original cast, like Tasha Mack.

In Vaughn’s interview with Baller Alert, he discusses what to expect from his character, ‘Jamison Fields,’ working with the original cast, and more. Vaughn also talked about his appearance in the coming Venus and Serena feature film, “King Richard,” and revealed what it was like working with Will Smith. 

You’re the new male lead of the reboot of the uber-popular series, “The Game,” what can we expect from your character?

Jamison is going to be heavily involved with Tasha Mack and Malik Wright. His story intertwines with them very fast. The theme of the show is “second chances,” so Jamison as well as the other main characters are going to be looking for their second chance. Jamison links up with Tasha and Malik so fast because they’re his quickest way to achieve his dreams of making the league. It gets pretty complicated, but in the first few episodes, we form sort of a family bond.

How was it like working with some of the characters from the original cast?

It’s surreal! It’s a dream come true because the first season of “The Game” came out when I was in high school. I grew up looking at these characters. The chance to actually work with them and be there on set with them — I’m on the other side now. I laugh at Tasha probably five times before we actually get a whole take. She’s always cracking me up. It’s the same with Malik. He’s the same Malik Wright I watched growing up and now I get to work with him on screen.

Will there be any additional surprise guests we can look forward to seeing on the reboot?

Yes, for sure. It was already announced that Pooch Hall will be coming back, so that’s not much of a surprise. There are some other characters that are coming back that are going to make an appearance, and they may stick around for a while —  they might be in and out. “The Game” itself is a classic show with a classic cast — they’re trying to bring all the same things that we loved before into this new space. But yes, I have interactions with all the old characters coming in — and they all have something to say to Jamison!

What was the most interesting part about your role in “King Richard?”

This role was very interesting for me and I definitely had to go back to my Baltimore roots. The film was shot in Compton, so taking my Baltimore roots and putting that inside a Compton setting was super interesting. Also, working with Will Smith, watching his work off-camera and his preparation on set — that was probably the most valuable part of filming. Watching the master work was a real treat for me.

The Game returns this November on Paramount+.

Watch the full interview below:

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