Viral Singer Aveon Falstar Claims Wendy Williams’ Husband Used Him As His Boy Toy: “We Both Did Each Other In The Butt”

Last week, after rumors surfaced of Kevin Hunter’s alleged decade-long affair and possible love child, Wendy Williams filed for divorce after more than two decades of marriage. Although the host cited “irreconcilable differences,” sources said Hunter’s alleged love child is what pushed Williams over the edge. 

In Monday’s episode of her namesake show, Williams seemingly addressed the divorce and alleged love child, saying, “She’s not having any more kids, that’s been dried up. In a good way,” she said. “I don’t know about you, but my diaper changing days are over.”

But now, as Williams prepares for her new life without her husband, Hunter, himself, is dealing with a slew of issues outside of his divorce and new baby. In fact, in a recent interview with UnWineWithTashaK, singer Aveon Falstar unveiled an explosive secret, challenging Hunter’s sexuality. 

Back in 2017, Falster, whose real name is Aveon Foster, went viral over his vocal similarities to Brian McKnight. His rise to online fame led to his business connection with the producers of the “Wendy Williams Show,” which, in turn, fostered a working relationship with Hunter. 

From there, Falster said he was signed by Hunter’s management company, 53rd West, which, reportedly sparked a sexual affair between the two. 

“Kevin would always beg me to go to the spa,” Falster said in the interview. “Always begged me to go to the spa. I don’t like the spa. I don’t like massages. When we got to the spa, I noticed, he would only choose the days that nobody would be in there. I already had curiosity that he was gay anyway, you know how men be like, act like they tough.” 

“So he got naked and went in the pool and he was like ‘So what you gon do when you get in them rooms and they ask you what you wanna do for fame,’” Falster recalled. “He was like come on, ‘Get in the tub. Let me talk to you.’”

However, Falster said he declined and left the area. 

“Mind you, I’m in this clay room. I say, ‘if this nigga come in here in the next two minutes, fully dressed, telling me to go. He’s gay,'” he said. “This muhfucka came in less than a minute and told me, he said, ‘Let’s go.’” 

A month later, Falster said the two went back to the spa, but he made it clear that the outings were no where near romantic. 

“It’s not a romantic thing with this gay shit,” Falster said. “It’s not a romantic thing when you having sex with a man. Next time we went in there, both of us got naked. Both of us got in the tub, we was talking, we was building. When we got into that sauna that’s when we both performed fellatio that’s when we both fu-did each other in the butt.”

“We exchanged DNA twice,” Falster said. “One at the spa, one at the condo. One at the condo wasn’t really me, he practically came over there – cause I was his boy toy. I was somebody that he could get off on. Kev was abused as a kid. Kevin’s mom didn’t love him, she kicked him out early. He been through so much in his life and he’s a sick man. So I understood that.”

As Falster continued, he said the incidents occurred during his lowest points in life last year, in which he served as Hunter’s boy toy. He also divulged Hunter’s alleged secrets, opened up about what Williams allegedly knew about his affair with Sharina Hudson and even shared his own issues with Williams. 

However, neither Hunter nor Williams have confirmed or denied the allegations.

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