Virginia Elementary School Faces Backlash For Instructing ‘Run Away Slave’ Game

Common sense isn’t so common after all.        

Madison’s Trust Elementary School in Ashburn, VA, has been trying to clean up their act after news broke about their idea of “physical education.” Teachers gathered third, fourth, and fifth graders together to play a game based on the Underground Railroad. It was basically their own version on hide-and-seek…but with slaves. Now, we know it’s Black History Month, but come on! 

The school already had a history of racial issues, including its low acceptance rates of black students into academically challenging programs and lack of Black History lessons. But, in its attempt to inform students about the Underground Railroad, the school fell short. Loudoun NAACP Chapter President Michelle Thomas told Loudoun Times-Mirror that an African American child was always picked as “the slave” throughout the game. While, Wayde Byard, spokesperson for the Loudoun County Public Schools, claimed it was an activity to promote “teamwork.” 

However, Principal David Stewart did the least by simply apologizing in a letter. 

“This is contradictory to our overall goals of empathy, affirmation, and creating a culturally responsive learning environment for all,” he said. ”The lesson was culturally insensitive to our students and families. I extend my sincerest apology to our students and school community.” 

Parents were also promised disciplinary actions. 

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