Walmart Shoppers Have A Massive Brawl Inside Of The Store Near Self-Checkout Area [ Video]

Walmart Shoppers Have A Massive Brawl Inside Of The Store Near Self-Checkout Area [ Video]

A massive brawl breaks out in the middle of a Missouri Walmart store.

Recently, a video surfaced online showing a huge fight inside a Walmart. The video clips shows the fight happening near the self-checkout area with multiple people throwing objects and setting off fire extinguishers.

According to Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall, the brawl happened on Tuesday and involved roughly 10-25 individuals.

McCall says a small incident occurred earlier that night but was diffused without law enforcement’s help. However, the second incident happened but had seized by the time authorities arrived.

“We have been able to identify some individuals that were involved. The fact that you have individuals that might have assaulted each other or had been assaulted. We have to ensure that they are prepared and willing to prosecute,” said McCall. “But the other thing is that we have Walmart as a victim as well, and I’m confident they’ll prosecute because they have some property damage as well.”

Shoppers are now calling for the Walmart store to be closed as a similar altercation occurred there before.

Nevertheless, McCall is adamant that the store has made efforts to hire its own security for that specific location.

“I will say it’s not isolated just to this location, and not just to this business. We have a lot of different incidences that are going on not just within business establishments but even on public streets,” said McCall. “And its not the point of trying to move it. You want to stop it.”

Walmart declined to comment on the incident, and no arrests were made following the massive altercation.

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  4. Walmart needs to go back to the way they were. It is no longer a pleasure to shop there. I always loved going there but now too much time to find anything and you have to check yourself out. I am 81 and don’t like doing all this myself and pay more.

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