Wax That Cat: Beauty Tips To Snag Your Favorite Baller During All-Star

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with wanting a Baller. If that is your preference, who are we to tell you not to go after him? With our ” How to Snag A Baller” series, we are going to guide you in the right direction but you have to be open-minded. In order to snag a Baller’s attention, you can’t just come around with your every day get up. You have to take it up a notch but DO NOT overdo it! It takes time to prepare to get ready for a night out on the scene but paying attention to detail is extremely important. While it may seem like some beauty tips are common sense, we all know someone (or have seen someone) that needed to spend a little more time at home before strutting her stuff on the scene.

So Ladies, grab a chair and let’s go down the list of Beauty Tips for All-Star 2018….

1) Let’s start with the hair…. ladies in this age, men are loving less weave and more of your own hair. Now, if you have to wear weave, please invest in some quality hair! Once you have invested in the right hair, please ensure that you have someone that can style your hair to look more natural. Ballers will stop overlooking you!

2) Another important, yet forgotten beauty tip is picking the right fragrance. Remember these men are not just visually stimulated, they want you to smell as good as you look. Invest in some quality perfume ladies. Try Balenciaga Florabotanica, Chanel No.5 is a classic, Dolce & Gabanna One, YSL Black Opium, Bond No.9, and Prada Candy just to name a few.

3) Let’s talk about hair removal ladies….OK armpits, legs, and bikini area should remain hair free!!!!! This is common sense but nowadays having sense isn’t so common. There is nothing fly and sexy about furry armpits, porcupine legs, or peach fuzz on the upper lip, and etc. Men do not want to see anything hanging out the sides and back of your thong. Spend a day before the party to get yourself waxed ladies, especially if razors leave your underarms, legs, and private regions with bumps.
I know some of you may think, ” These are Beauty Tips you are supposed to know already.” Well, you will be surprised at who thinks they can get away from not doing these things.

We are not asking you to change who you are, but you should ALWAYS be on your “A” Game when it comes to snagging a baller. Everyone may want a baller but not everyone will do what it takes to catch that baller’s eye.

4) While we are on the topic of ensuring you are waxed, make sure ladies that you are “Fresh.” Always keep your Summer’s Eve Wipes handy. You never know when you may luck up and leave the spot with a “Baller.”

5) Ok Ladies Make-Up! There are a couple of options for make-up. You can learn to beat your own face, get a professional MUA, or go to MAC. If you cannot do your own make-up, there are plenty that advertise via social media… Ballers don’t want a woman who may possibly scare the sh!t out of them once they awaken from the alcohol & sex-induced coma!

6) The Gear….Now, Ladies, the first thing is to know your size and make sure you are wearing it no matter how big or small. Ballers do not want a chick that is tugging at her too small ill-fitting clothes. Muffins only look good on the breakfast table. You can wear a bodycon dress with heels, a midi skirt, and bodysuit, or a casual chic look. Casual chic could be fitted denim that hugs your curves, a nice top that fits just right, and a pair of pumps or heeled sandals. Always look your best!

7) Girls, learn to walk in heels! If you cannot wear or walk in heels, wear something that will not cause you to break your neck. Also if your shoes hurt, suck up the pain and smile! One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing women leave an event and walk outside barefoot. That is disgusting on so many levels. Invest in you a pair of small flats that you can slide in your clutch to change your shoes. Be smart ladies your baller would appreciate that.

Now enjoy yourselves this weekend ladies. Always keep it cute no matter the time or place!

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Peachkyss is the Fashion Writer and Content Curator for Baller Alert, who keeps the reader up-to-date on the latest trends, the latest luxury brand collections, and how to "ball" on a budget.  Peachkyss has her Bachelors in Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics from Norfolk State University and Masters in Middle Grades Mathematics from Walden University.  Have a question about what your favorite celeb is wearing or fashion advice, email me at [email protected] "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."

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