Weird Sports Stories of the Week

Another week, another edition of weird sports stories. Here are the five most interesting stories of the past week:


1. Get 2K Rating Up By Any Means Necessary

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside has been a pleasant surprise for his team and the NBA. After a triple double (14 points, 13 rebounds, and 12 blocks) in a win against the Chicago Bulls, Hassan Whiteside declared in a post game interview that he just wanted to get his NBA 2K rating up. NBA 2K heard him loud and clear and moved his rating from 59-77. ;

2. NBA Rookie Hazing

Rookie hazing is nothing new in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers took it to a new low and out the ordinary with their rookies having to carry around baby dolls in strollers. Very cute idea to see by basketball players but also funny.


3. Judges of the Miss Universe Pageant

Sunday night boxer Manny Pacquiao, Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson, and Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton judged the Miss Universe pageant. Both looked really out of place being that the pageant is out of their realm of expertise but it looked like they had a fun time.


4. Antonio Brown…. Suit

Pro bowler wide receiver Antonio Brown usually dressed to the tee, except for his suit for the Pro Bowl. Antonio Brown suit was ugly to say the least.  


5. All Hell Breaks Loose

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was on baby-sitting duty while is wife was out of town. It didn’t go as smoothly as he thought it would. Exactly the type of dad you’d expect for Jay Cutler to be. Was he really going to just leave the kids there alone?


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