Wendy Williams’ Husband Reportedly Welcomes Baby Girl With Mistress

In the three weeks since her return to her namesake show, following a two-month hiatus to address a slew of health and personal issues, Wendy Williams has opened up about her relationship with husband, Kevin Hunter, launched a hotline for addicts, and even revealed she’s been living in a sober house to combat her own struggles with addiction. 

But, the one thing Williams has yet to discuss, which, according to reports, has catapulted the famed host into an alcohol and pill-fueled depression, is her husband’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson. 

Back in September 2017, Daily Mail released an explosive report about Hunter’s infidelities after a year-long investigation into the matter. At the time, the publication revealed the 46-year-old had been in a decade-long affair with the 32-year-old massage therapist, in which he’d been splitting his time between Williams and Hudson, who lived just nine miles away. 

The following day, Williams dispelled the rumors on her show, using her famous, “Hot Topics,” segment to clarify the allegations. However, unfortunately for Williams, the rumors didn’t end there. 

Just two months later, Love B Scott exclusively reported that not only had Hunter been cheating for over a decade, but he’d also impregnated the other woman. Since then, however, Williams has maintained her relationship with Hunter is strong, even flashing her rock upon her return to her namesake show. But, according to Daily Mail, Williams is not as secure as she seems. 

In fact, according to the publication, she recently hired a private investigator to look into the claims against her husband, and apparently, her findings triggered the alcohol and pill-fueled depression. Now, things have gotten even more complicated, as there is officially a baby involved. 

According to LoveBScottt, Hudson has given birth to a baby girl. 

Hunter and Hudson reportedly welcomed their baby on Friday, March 22, in which the two paid cash for the hospital visit and used a different name. 

Congratulations to the new mother!

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Baby
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  1. Wendy Williams needs a psychiatrist. Her money paid for that hospital bill and everything else. smh

  2. Wendy, please please please give your self permission to kick your spouse to the curb for real. You are killing yourself for all the wrong reasons. Cut your losses and save yourself and your son. This situation is not a good look for you and your brand. Prayers for you and your son.

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