What Type Of Hoe Are You?

These days the literal meaning of a hoe isn’t the only kind of hoe there is. Is it possible that you could be an even bigger hoe than you think? Well, check out these different hoes and find out if you meet any of the criteria.


The Promiscuous Hoe – This is the most common use of the word. She sleeps around and she doesn’t care. She has a body count larger than the Bloods and Crips combined and she’s perfectly fine with it.


The Money Hungry Hoe – She’ll do anything for a dollar. She’s the epitome of a hustler except that she puts nothing above her money. Love & Family take a back seat and she will get her coins by any means necessary. 


The Attention Hoe – She lives for the spotlight. She craves attention, whether it’s good or bad. She’s full of stunts and shows and everything about her has to be a huge production. You can usually spot her by the way that she dresses and her overly dramatic mannerisms. 


The Bum Hoe – She’s irresponsible, she’s broke, but she’s down to have a good time. She’s a party animal and spends 3 or 4 nights a week in the club and away from her kids. She won’t let you think she’s a bum though, she stays dressed to impress and doesn’t mind bringing men home to smash on her bare twin mattress that she has elegantly positioned on her floor.


The Classy Hoe – Nothing but the best for the classy hoe. She’s a diamonds and pearls kind of girl but behind closed doors every baller has gotten a shot. She’s beautiful enough to be a Kardashian but lethal enough to be a Kat Stacks. She’s not the type you want to marry, but the type that keep everyone wondering what’s so great about her. If you don’t have your dollars up you’ll never get to know her. She wants only the finest.

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