When Is It Ever Okay To Smash The Homie?


It’s a small world after all and sometimes you can’t help but to get involved with someone who was a friend of a past love. At least, that’s the way I look at it. It’s almost impossible to not smash the homie at least once in life.


Let’s face the facts, no matter how big your town is it’s inevitable that everybody knows everybody. You can run and you can hide but unless you up and pack your bags, you can’t shake the fact that your current beau possibly knows your last. But this blog isn’t just about knowing your last, it’s about them being friends. 


There’s two ways that this is likely to happen. One is more frowned upon than the other. The lesser of two evils is when you have dated someone in the past, although things were great they just didn’t work out. Later down the road you meet another guy and he’s great, you start to date him too only to find out that he and your ex are good friends. Should you cut him off now that you know or do you continue to live happily with the new man you’re with. Personally, I say stay right where you are. Your intent was good and you have every right to be happy. Who is your ex to get upset at the fact that you have moved on. If his friend can do a better job at having a relationship with you, why not let him?


Now the more taboo scenario is when you know the two are friends and you leave one to have a relationship with another. Again, ask yourself, are you wrong for wanting the best for yourself? Is it really your place to adhere to their “don’t date your friend’s ex” man law? In my opinion, it’s really up to the two friends to talk it over. Your loyalty ends when the relationship does. It’s sad that you get called every bitch and hoe in the book when all you were doing was following your heart in this small world we call Earth. 


Now don’t get me wrong, dating your ex’s friend isn’t something I practice, but I do understand it happens. Just like dating the ex of your friend. We’re all going to go through each other eventually anyway.

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