Who is Really Winning? The Lady or the Ho?


Six pages in and I’m cracking up at this book called Rich Ho Poor Ho.  Some of the stuff I read is really reaching but this excerpt stood out:


Then there’s your love life. So many women were sold the idea that if you want to be respected, loved and desired by men,act like a lady, keep your sexual partners to a minimum and choose wisely. But when some bitch named “Cookie” makes a few million dollars being a club hopping bad girl with herpes on television, then marries the guy that sings your favorite love song which you downloaded on your mp3 player, I bet you wondered,“What the fuck am I doing wrong here? He married her?! What is that bitch doing that I’m not?”All you have to show for your sexual follies are a string of bad break-ups, bad credit, fatherless children and a shelf full of self-help books written to convince you that you need to heal and love yourself before you can find love.That’s the life of a poor ho.


This probably hit home for most of you because as women we were taught to be respectful. I was just thinking this earlier that men have changed. The blog I posted on the dude saying “if u are not fucking u are losing” is so sad to me. I do remember men being respectful and didn’t mind the chase. Now women are so loose with it that men do not have to do anything. Who would have ever thought Kim K would have been wifed by Reggie Bush after a public sex tape with no other than Ray J? Men walk proudly with these “rich ho’s” that this book describes. Most of my sane, respectful girlfriends are lonely as hell while my wild, crazy girlfriends got men chasing then down. Who is really winning?

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