Why Ballerific Couples Should Not Be Your Relationship Goals

Marriage is a beautiful thing and no matter what anyone tells you, when you find that person that you can’t live without and he/she has that exact -can’t live without you- feeling; man, it’s no better feeling in the world . I’m truly happy that #GucciMane and #KeyshiaKaoir found each other and decided to take that leap of faith for the future together.

However, the internet is full of sh!t. This entire idea of Gucci and Keyshia being #relationshipgoals is shallow. I’m not saying that Gucci and Keyshia aren’t the ideal couple, but to base YOUR relationship on someone else’s relationship is pretty asinine.

This narrative people have used to “teach” women to be “down” for their dudes is quite comical. Negroes love using Keyshia as the pinnacle female for holding her dude down and being rewarded, but they negate some key elements.

Gucci was Gucci before he met Keyshia who was doing her thing as well. These are two financially independent people with careers of their own. The second thing we must look at is that when Gucci did his bid, he was rumored to have left his woman with $2,000,000. Majority of dudes hollering, “where my Keyshia at?” don’t have $2,000,000 pennies in an insurance policy to leave their kids, let alone a cash flow of such magnitude for their girl. If it’s true, Gucci didn’t leave Keyshia desolate. He left her with provisions.

During Gucci’s bid, he improved himself (growth). When he was released he stayed down for his loyal woman and made her his wife. Again, these same dudes come out and get right back to the bs that got them locked up in the first place. Then they have the gall to want to wife up something “new” or “foreign” negating the “down ass chick.”

And I’m not letting the women make it either. Ya’ll are hollering goals as well, but as soon as your dudes “fall off” you all are with their friends or the next “come up.” You want the Wraithe, but too ashamed to ride in the Kia Optima with him. And this idea of being a down female is so long as he has income, but the minute that dries up so does your vagina. You can’t want what Keyshia and Gucci have when you don’t possess the qualities they bring to the table.

How many of you are willing to bathe your man? Hell, we can’t even get you to regularly bathe your funk pot self, yet you want what they have. Do you even know what it is they have? Are you encouraging your dude to become a better man, not solely for you, but for himself; or are you going along with the bull because it fits an agenda for you. How many of you are willing to work through issues in private?


The internet has no idea what trials and tribulations these two endured to get to this point. These are two people who understood what they wanted and worked at it. Some of ya’ll (men and women) flee at the first hiccup in a relationship, not realizing that commitment is hard and a continual work in progress. Stop basing your life around what others have. If you aren’t going to live up to ALL facets of the relationship, then how can it be goals?

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