Arkansas Woman Arrested For Living With Mother’s Mummified Corpse

An Arkansas woman was arrested Monday after police discovered she had been living with her mother’s mummified corpse. 

Geanee Pike, 54, was arrested on charges of abuse of a corpse and identity fraud. She is currently being held without bail in the Washington County Detention Center. 

Gloria Pike, 72, was reported missing late last month by her brother, George Maness. He told Washington County Sheriff’s that his sister, who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, had not been seen for about a year. 

Officers were unable to reach Gloria at her Lincoln home on several occasions. When they spoke with her daughter, Geanee told the authorities her mom was not missing but was with a friend. She was unable to provide any further details on her mother’s whereabouts. 

A subpoena was issued for Gloria’s financial records during the investigation, which showed a transaction on July 27 at a local Dollar General. Surveillance footage from the store showed Geanee using her mother’s bank card. 

After the discovery, a search warrant was issued for her home. Investigators located a woman’s body in a bed wrapped in newspapers from 2020 and bedding during the search. The house lacked running water, and human feces and urine were located throughout the house. 

Geanee told investigators that her mother had died of natural causes last year, but she never reported it. Instead, she said her mother owed her money, so she continued to use her bank account.

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