Woman Claims Kris Humphries Gave Her Herpes

Welp! Add Dirty D-ck Kris to the Bad Baller list, it looks like he may be out here giving the girls the Monster!

A woman by the name of Kayla Goldberg says she met Kris in a  Los Angeles cafe back in 2010. After brief flirting they exchanged numbers and met later that night at a nightclub on Sunset. Kayla claims that after a night of touching, kissing and dancing Kris took her back to his hotel room and they had sex. Multiple times. Every kind of sex. Dirty sex, love sex, oral sex, Every sex. As we all know though, Kris isn’t fond of condoms and this incident was no different. 

A week later Kayla claims she suffered a sore throat, fever, body aches and extreme irritation and painful lesions on her vagina. It was then that she was diagnosed with herpes by a doctor. Now Kayla is suing Kris for unspecified damages claiming sexual battery and that Kris knew he had herpes before they had sex yet he didn’t inform her. 

Yikes Kris! This isn’t looking good at all. I wonder if Kim and Kanye are feeling the burn too.


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