Woman Claims Her Mom Saved Her From Becoming Part Of R. Kelly's "Sex Cult"

Woman Claims Her Mom Saved Her From Becoming Part Of R. Kelly’s “Sex Cult”

One young lady says she could have been part of R. Kelly’s rumored sex cult had it not been for her gut feeling (and her mother).


The woman, who did not reveal her name, says that she met R. Kelly backstage at one of his concerts in December after being given a wristband by a member of his entourage. The two exchanged numbers and began chatting back and forth. She was 20 at the time.


The woman says that R. Kelly promised to help jump start her modeling/acting career. He eventually invited her over to his Georgia home and told her to wear something sexy. The first time she arrived, the woman said she brought a friend along. She says things were kind of creepy when R. Kelly told her no phones were allowed and she was suddenly escorted to R. Kelly’s bedroom. She says the singer told her to strut and model for him, which she did. He even took sexy photos of her. He then gave her $200 and told her to go buy some black lingerie, heels and red lipstick for her next visit.


The woman said she visited R. Kelly by herself twice more and with each visit, R. Kelly became more and more aggressive and controlling. She says the singer even manipulated and guilted her into posing nude. She says they never had sex but she felt highly uneasy.


She says that in February when R. Kelly sent her a one-way flight ticket to come see him in Los Angeles, it was the last straw. Rumor has it, the singer brought all of his “girls” to Cali for the Soulquarious concert. He was spotted by concertgoers with several women in tow. However, this young lady didn’t make it, after telling her mother about her concerns, her mom put an end to their “relationship.”


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