Woman Goes Viral For Refusing To Move Out Of Driver’s Way After Assuming He Wasn’t Allowed To Drive On Park Road

A woman has gone viral after she was recorded standing in front of a moving vehicle that she thought wasn’t allowed on a park road – turned out, she was wrong.

For seven minutes-straight, a woman walked slowly in front of Mark Smith, a man who was driving a car down a road in Middleton Park Leeds. In the video that has now gained 1.6 million views, which was recorded by Smith, you can see the woman walking slowly directly in front of the vehicle and occasionally turning around to yell at Smith.

Smith, who identified himself as the driver, captioned the clip: “Some mothers do have them. Obviously, she doesn’t realize I was permitted to drive here.” He followed the caption up with, “But how stupid can a woman get, that was her little child, and she was willing to walk and made sudden stops in front of a moving vehicle!” Smith then tells the woman to move out of the way, the woman responded by turning around and screaming, “It’s a park, it’s for walking on, it’s not for you driving in. I have come to have a nice walk.”

When Smith tried to calm her down, she said: “I’d appreciate it if I didn’t have cars driving past.” He then replied: “It’s for cars as well sweetheart.” The man then tries to move to the extra space on the side of her, but she steps in the way. “You just need to step out the way,” the man says. The unidentified woman replies, “It isn’t a f****** road.”

Smith doesn’t work for Leeds City Council, but the Park department says he was permitted to drive on the road. A spokeswoman said: “He is involved with a local enthusiasts/community group whose members have permission to drive through the park, as long as they adhere to agreed rules including giving way to other park users. Vehicles are only allowed to drive through the park with permission which is granted by the council.”


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