Woman In Spain Arrested After Faking Her Own Kidnapping For A Fourth Time [Video]

Woman In Spain Arrested After Faking Her Own Kidnapping For A Fourth Time [Video]

A woman in Spain has been arrested for faking her own kidnapping for the fourth time.

Police in Spain have arrested a 30-year-old woman and four others over a video that shows the woman being kidnapped. In reality, the woman is faking the kidnapping, and this is her fourth time doing it.

In the video, viewers can see a blindfolded woman with a man holding a knife to her throat. “Mommy. They’ve kidnapped me, Mommy, and I don’t know why,” says the woman in the video. “You can’t say anything to the police. If you do, they’ll kill me.”

Throughout the video, the woman claimed she’d been beaten and had fake blood running from her mouth. She even added that she wasn’t being fed.

The group’s motive was to extort the fake victim’s mother out of a ransom payment of $50,000. As any loving mother would, the fake victim’s mother took out $45,000 from her bank to pay the actor kidnappers. During an investigation, officials found out that this wasn’t the first time the mother had taken out money for a situation like this.

By the end of it, investigators learned that the fake victim’s partner was behind the shenanigans, discovering that his family had planned out the scheme. The group is now facing charges, including extortion and could be looking at up to five years in prison.

Fake kidnapping video
Fake kidnapping video

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