YNW Melly Facing Death Penalty In First-Degree Murder Case

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Rapper YNW Melly in his murder case.

The State of Florida is looking to impose the death penalty onto 19-year-old Florida rapper YNW Melly, who was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. The charges stem from the allegations that Melly and his co-defendant, YNW Borlen, allegedly murdered two of their friends earlier this year; police say the rapper claimed they were in a drive-by when the two crew members were fatally shot. Melly has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to TMZ, the prosecution believes it can prove the rapper was behind the double-homicide. Uproxx reports prosecutors also believe they can support the claim that Melly and Bortlen, also on trial, shot their friends from their car, shot up their own car, then dropped the two victims at the hospital, and claimed to be victims of a shooting.

Melly has since teamed up an attorney, who previously represented #BoosieBadazz. If convicted on all charges Melly could be looking at the death penalty. Florida is one of 30 states that still allow the death penalty. The story is still developing.

YNW Melly Facing Death Penalty

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