Young Thug Comes To Houston : Concert Review by:@niksofly

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In a parade of some sorts, we navigated Emmanuel Street.  Jack Frost nipped at my nose as I made my way to Warehouse Live. My last round of texts were sent off and patiently I waited at Will Call. As promised, Sherro came out to escort me in.  Not missing a beat,  I was whisked backstage  and as my heel touched the last step,  Sherro hopped on stage to introduce the next act. It was obvious the concert was going to be great. The last time Geo Digital put on, Nipsey Hussle and Knesecary rocked out.  After all this was the same entertainment team that turned Warehouse Live into Club W.  Add DJ. Mr. Rogers to the mix, an appearance by Trae the Truth and James Harden and it’s an incredible night or at least that’s what I thought.  

With the good comes the bad. And by bad I mean horrid. No amount of energetic hosting and incredible mixing could negate the overall experience of the performance.  Geo Digital went out of their way to ensure that I was comfortable and had a great view and access, however the unnecessary flexing of concert goers who previously begged for backstage access  presented a challenge and annoyance.[Do we all “boss up” once we are granted the access we pleaded for? Apparently if we are at a Young Thug concert.Go Figure!] Couple the aforementioned with guys strong-arming their way to be in a selfie with Thugger and it was different,for lack of a better word.  All things aside,  Young Thug’s performance didn’t live up to my expectations.  The same guy whose songs “Stoner”, “Danny Glover”, “Givenchy”, and “Lifestyle” can take club goers from 0 – 60 with no problem didn’t embody THAT energy. Artists create albums that convey a certain story and energy. That energy has to be translated into a live set that add details to the story told on the album. If the set fails to add those details, then it is a disservice to the story and work.  Young Thug’s set could use some improvements. Not discrediting his artistry, but the live performance lacked life. Thugger may be a relaxed performer and if so then I can understand the perceived lack of enthusiasm. He is a new comer, so taking that into consideration his stage presence may still be in the developmental process or he could have been exhausted. Understanding what Young Thug was saying proved to be my greatest obstacle. The aroma of that Gasoline had me thinking I was decoder of the year. Not! Shazaam and a friendly “What did he just say?” were my go-to tools.


Snootie Wild’s “ Yayo” performance proved to be the B-12 shot I needed. However, by 1:00 a.m, B-12 and Adderall couldn’t  help me. I decided to bow out before the final minutes of the set. I wished I had done it earlier. Maybe I would of stumbled upon the miscreants that shattered the car window and stole my Weekend bag! Great right? [Now if someone could explain to me what these dumdumdidis will do with size 41 Guiseppe’s  I might be able to rationalize their selfishness.] It was really an off night. Something was in the air and it wasn’t greatness.


Normally I would suggest checking out a show if I feel it was worth it. And in this instance the logical conclusion would be for me to discourage Baller Alert readers from checking out the show, but I won’t.   I’ll give Thugger the benefit of the doubt and say his Houston performance was just a bad show as any established or budding artist may and will have. How about I do this. Why don’t those who are attending his upcoming performances tweet me their experiences. My handle is @niksofly and use the hashtag #TheThuggerExperience.  I want to update the review and see whether my experience was isolated or not. I’ll feature your tweets on the update.


-Niko Rose

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