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Are Russell Wilson And Richard Sherman Dividing The Seahawks

Off the field, Russell Wilson has been having the best year ever. On the field, things aren’t going well between him and his teammates, specifically Richard Sherman. Reportedly, the team believes that Russell is dividing the Seahawks and he’s taking the blame for why they haven’t won multiple Super Bowl …

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Richard Sherman Calls Out “Terrible” QBs With NFL Jobs, Says Kaepernick Is a Victim of “Boy, Stay In Your Place” Mentality

Earlier this week, Richard Sherman sat down with Jarret Bell of USA Today Sports to discuss the current state of the NFL. During the discussion, Sherman addressed one of the most prevalent stories in sports media, Colin Kaepernick’s unemployment. Last season, Kaepernick took a stand against police brutality by taking …

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Richard Sherman Blasts NFL For Being Hypocrites

Richard Sherman is unhappy with the NFL over their disciplinary actions he considers to be hypocritical. Sherman’s issues with the NFL in particular are with the way they discipline players for touch down celebrations vs. things like domestic violence.   In an essay titled “Common Sense,” for the Players’ Tribune, Sherman …

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Richard Sherman Speaks Out On Black Lives Matter

Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman is setting the record straight on implications that he was involved with a blog post that raged war on white people and police officers. An Atlanta based activist by the name of King Noble wrote a blog post that called on revenge against white people/police …

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Ballerific Sports: Be On the Lookout for Richard Sherman

Athlete: Richard Sherman Team: Seattle Seahawks Position: Shutdown Cornerback Hometown: Compton, California Height: 6’3 Weight: 195 College: Stanford (Who doesn’t love a smart baller), he graduated and went back and obtained a master’s degree. Sherman was the salutatorian in high school (second in his class). Salary:  4 year / $56 …

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