Cam Newton Explains Why He’s Been Celibate For The Month of March

Cam Newton Was Celibate

Cam Newton likes to challenge himself, even in the offseason.  The NFL star believes that creating and passing the challenges he sets up for himself- make him stronger. During the offseason, Newton has been knocking out different challenges each month. For January, he challenged himself to go the month without …

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Man Gets Arrested After Receiving & Keeping TV In A Shipping Error

Man Arrested For Tv

Who would’ve thought getting charged with larceny would be a consequence of a shipping mistake? Definitely not Nick Memmo. The Freetown, Massachusetts native made Boston News 25 headlines after he was arrested for what he called a “scratch ticket.” When he purchased a 74-inch flat screen from Amazon, he was …

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Black Activist DeRay McKesson Talks With Daniel Caesar After Racially Problematic Comments, Says He’s ”Learning and Growing”

DeRay McKessan vs Daniel Caesar

Activist DeRay McKesson reached out to Daniel Caesar, following the singer’s controversial statements about Black people being “mean” to white people. Earlier this week, the 23-year-old singer went live on Instagram and prefaced his next statements with, “we’re like talking about something serious,” referencing race and social issues. He then …

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Lawsuit Claims JetBlue Pilots Drugged And Raped Female Crew Members

JetBlue Airways Crew Accuses Pilot

Two unidentified female flight attendants have filed a lawsuit against JetBlue Airlines and two of their pilots, claiming the men allegedly drugged and raped them during a layover in Puerto Rico last year. According to HuffPo, the suit alleges that pilots, Eric Johnson and Dan Watson approached the two crew …

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USC Student Threatened To Commit Suicide After Learning Parents Used Admission Services of College Scam Ringleader, Rick Singer

USC Student Threatens suicide

The USC admissions scandal could understandably have many students and alumni on high alert, wondering if their beloved parents also cheated for their academic success. One USC student threatened suicide upon learning her parents used the services of scam ringleader, Rick Singer. USC sources say the young woman was “grief-stricken” …

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