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Jamie Foxx Makes First Public Appearance Since Medical Scare: Opens Up About Mystery Illness and Temporary Loss of Mobility: ‘I Couldn’t Actually Walk’

Jamie Foxx's First Public Appearance Since Medical Scare

Jamie Foxx emotionally opened up about his recent hospitalization, revealing he was unable to walk at one point. This revelation occurred during his first public appearance since the incident while accepting the Vanguard Award at the Critics Choice Association event in Los Angeles. “You know it’s crazy I couldn’t do …

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Tyrese Haliburton’s Triple Double Propels Indiana Pacers over the Boston Celtics During NBA In-Season Tournament

When NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced the league would introduce an in-season tournament, fans were confused. They were not accustomed to it. In soccer and overseas basketball leagues, such tournaments are quite popular. After last night’s events, it appears NBA fans now understand precisely why there is value in having an in-season tournament.

Last night, we had our first two quarterfinal matchups for the play-in tournament. The Indiana Pacers hosted the Boston Celtics. The Sacramento Kings hosted the New Orleans Pelicans. Both winners travel immediately to Las Vegas for the matchups on Thursday in the final four. 

Both games brought a lot of sizzle to them, young teams with a lot of talent that’ll be around for a long time. The atmosphere during the Indiana Pacers game was particularly unique. The Pacers, who have struggled in recent seasons, experienced a revitalization with the acquisition of Tyrese Haliburton, injecting new life and direction into the team.

Not only is Halli leading the league in assists, but when you need a bucket, you can call him. Finishing with a triple-double last night. Twenty-six points, ten rebounds, 13 assists. He did it all, and his dad was in attendance, supporting his son and making sure the ref heard him in the playoff atmosphere last night. 

Last night, arguably the best defensive guard in the NBA was placed on Hali, and it didn’t phase him. He went to work and showed Jrue Holiday twice that this wasn’t last year. 

The ongoing discussion revolves around the impact of this midseason tournament, but it’s truly worth taking a moment to watch the impressive 9-0 run by the Pacers in the final 1:42 of the game. The electric energy from their home crowd adds another dimension to the experience.

Jayson Tatum finished with 32 points, twelve rebounds, six assists, and a steal. The Celtics will use this as motivation all season. But the thing about the end-season tournament is that it’s one game. The Pacers have all of the momentum swing in their way right now and I’m excited to see what they can pull off on Thursday against the winner of the New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks tonight. 


Rasheed Wallace Claims Draymond Green Was Influenced by 2004 Pistons Team: “That’s Why He Doing the Bully Sh*t He Doing Now” [Video]

Draymond Green has garnered a reputation as a player who could be known as a hothead. Passionate, competitive, and one of the best defense players ever played a game. However, his emotions can get the best of him. In 2015, during a confrontation with LeBron, his suspension proved costly for the team, impacting their chances in the championship.

This season, in the first quarter of the Golden State Warriors matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves, while Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels got into a scuffle, Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert came in between the two players to defuse the situation. From the angle, Draymond saw that was not the case. Draymond beelined directly to the Timberwolves center and put him in a chokehold.

Nobody has ever seen an NBA player put another NBA player in a chokehold, let alone in the first quarter of the game. Tempers were not flaring, just Draymond’s temper. 

Draymond’s passion for the game has analysts, journalists, and even other players rubbed the wrong way. Two-time NBA Champion Rasheed Wallace claims to have insights into the reasons behind Draymond’s demeanor.

The North Carolina great expounded on this telling revelation that most NBA fans had never heard before on Gilbert Arenas’s show, Gil’s Arena. 

“That’s our fault… [Draymond Green] grew up in [the 2004 Pistons] locker room. One of his best friends was the son of the GM, so he was around us… That’s why he doing the bully sh*t he doing now,” Wallace said. 

He talked about how much love he has for Dray and how he looks at him like a nephew.


Rubi Rose Reveals Text Messages From Biggest OnlyFans Spender, Who Also Tattoos Her Face To Show His “Commitment”

Just days after Rubi Rose ran into her biggest OnlyFans spender, the man has tattooed her face on him.

On Tuesday, Rose shared a tweet containing a somewhat disturbing set of messages from the fan, which she identifies as “Brandon weird OF fan.” In one text, he writes, “Ruby why aren’t you answering me??” before following up with, “I have invested so much money into our relationship.” Brandon then pens a lengthy text to Rose, professing his unwavering love for her. Elsewhere in the post, Rose offers up a video of a tattoo on Brandon’s leg, which depicts her face. Rose captioned both of these clips, “Tat my face on u so I know it’s real.”

While his messages appear to show off a very obsessed man, Rose doesn’t seem frightened at all by Brandon’s devotion to her. When they first met, he revealed that he’d spent $62,000 in a single month on her racy OnlyFans content. Though it seemed they spontaneously bumped into one another, some speculated that Brandon might’ve hunted Rose down. Nevertheless, they kept in touch, and he used the opportunity to pen sweet notes to his “Queen.”

In another message, Brandon hinted at having a “surprise” for Rose that would showcase his “commitment” to her shortly before unveiling his body art. Hopefully, his adoration for Rose is just a harmless crush, though Brandon looks to be all in about Rose.

Jonathan Majors’ Ex Grace Jabbari Says Actor Wanted Her To Be Like Coretta Scott King & Michelle Obama

The Jonathan Majors trial is unearthing some odd accusations from his ex-girlfriend and alleged abuse victim, Grace Jabbari.

The trial got underway on Monday in a Manhattan courtroom, with Majors attorney Priya Chaudhry arguing that Jabbari only accused him of domestic violence when he tried to end the breakup with her. Per Complex, when Assistant District Attorney Michael Perez made his opening statements, he claimed the “Creed III” star manipulated Jabbari into “total compliance.” Perez said the 34-year-old encouraged Jabbari to be more like Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King Jr. and Former First Lady Michelle Obama, who made “sacrifices” for their powerful husbands.

Perez painted Majors as an abusive partner who lashed out when he didn’t get his way with Jabbari. However, Majors has maintained his innocence, claiming that his ex actually attacked him. The defense has also pointed out that Jabbari attended a nightclub on the night that she was allegedly assaulted by Majors, seemingly attempting to discredit her claims of being injured.

Majors was arrested on March 25th, 2023, after allegedly breaking Jabbari’s finger, twisting her arm, and striking her in the ear. He was also accused of choking her, though charges related to that act were dropped. Text messages regarding that evening were leaked, with Jabbari suggesting that she played a role in the altercation. However, during the trial, Perez says Jabbari was “trained” by her famous ex to “stay silent,” which made her reluctant to report the attack in the first place.

Majors has pleaded not guilty to charges of misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment, and harassment. If convicted, he could spend up to a year in prison.

Saucy Santana Reportedly Joining New Season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Rapper and social media sensation Saucy Santana will reportedly join the newest season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta with a set premiere on January 9th, 2024, at 8 pm ET/ PT.

In the upcoming season, Saucy will make his Love & Hip Hop debut alongside his partner Zell Swag, who participated in the Hollywood edition of the reality series. According to TheWrap, Zell is currently in the process of embracing his sexuality as he unveils his new relationship with the ‘Material Gworl’ rapper. The new couple will be seen with preceding cast members: Bambi, Erica Banks, Erica Dixon, Kendra Robinson, Khaotic, Kirk Frost, Mazi G, Mendeecees, Momma Dee, Amy Luciani, Rasheeda, Renni Rucci, Scrappy, Shekinah Jo, Jessica White, Karlie Redd, Sierra Gates, Spice, Yandy and Yung Joc.

After last season’s fiery midseason finale and great division, the new season returns with a focus on healing and an intent of restoration and renewal. Throughout the path of reaching healing and joy, members realize that the road ahead can bring up feelings of unresolved trauma that include grief, addiction, infertility, and abuse, which results in them breaking through their tough exteriors and allowing vulnerability.

Not only will Santana be making his big screen debut with Love & Hip Hop, but he is also set to premiere in one of Amazon’s top-viewed films, Secret Society 3: ’til DEATH. Romeo Miller, Vivica A. Fox, Jeremy Meeks, and Reyna Love are just a few of his co-stars who will appear in the film that is set to release on December 15th. According to VIBE, the movie follows two trans women, Celess and Tina, as they embark on their journeys to success, achieving things such as glamour and stakes. In the movie, Santana makes his appearance as himself.

Exclusively speaking with VIBE, Santana shared how he was written into the series, “After I expressed my love for Secret Society and Secret Society 2 and my desire to be in part three.” Santana, according to the synopsis, will be seen when “he attends one of the world’s most prestigious horse races, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, in Paris where he meets Celess (Reyna Love). Just days after having an explosive announcement on live TV, Celess finds out Santana is just as much a fan of hers as she is of him.”

Philadelphia Council Votes to Ban Ski Masks in Certain Public Spaces

Philadelphia has prohibited ski masks and other facial coverings within the city due to the fact that a significant portion of the crimes in the area have been carried out by individuals wearing such disguises.

The recently enacted law makes it illegal for individuals to don ski masks in parks, schools, or while using public transportation. Those found in violation of this regulation may face a fine of $250, with a potential increase to $2,000 if they are engaged in criminal activities while wearing a ski mask. However, the law does provide certain exemptions for individuals wearing ski masks for religious reasons.

This legislation comes at a time when the sixth-largest city in the nation has been grappling with a surge in violent crime. In 2021, Philadelphia recorded a historic high in homicides, with the majority of them involving firearms. While the number decreased from 562 to 516 in 2022, it remained elevated compared to the levels before the pandemic. Major cities across the country witnessed an increase in crime as social support systems were disrupted during the pandemic. However, crime rates have started to return to levels seen prior to the pandemic.

Philadelphia’s decision to ban ski masks and facial coverings contrasts with New York City’s approach, which relaxed a long-standing law prohibiting masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, New York City repealed a law that had been in place for over a century, which had previously prohibited the wearing of face coverings in public. This change was made to allow for mask-wearing during the coronavirus pandemic. Advocates for the repeal argued that the old law had also led to police harassment of people of color and had been used to target protesters during demonstrations.

Daddy Yankee Is Retiring From Reggaeton To Focus On His Christian Faith

Daddy Yankee is trading his reggaeton career in for a life of Christ.

The world-renowned singer responsible for the hit single “Gasolina” shared the big news with his fans Sunday night during the final stop of his farewell tour in Puerto Rico. After performing his most notable international record, Yankee told the crowd of his forthcoming life plans to lean more into his faith.

“This day, for me, is the most important day in my life.. tonight I recognize and am not ashamed to tell the whole world that Christ lives in me and that I will live for him. This is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a brand new one,” Yankee said in Spanish to the crowd and also wrote in a lengthy IG caption.

He addressed thousands of fans with tears streaming down his face. Even as one of the most successful artists in his genre, Yankee is ready to turn over a new leaf. It seems that Yankee had the support of his concert attendees at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, who cheered him on during his powerful statement confessing his retirement from reggaeton.

“I have to confess that those days are over. Someone was able to fill that emptiness,” Yankee stated.

In his IG post, Yankee shared a Bible scripture that read, “For what good is it for a man to gain the whole world, if he loses his life?” a signal that he may have felt unfulfilled despite such an illustrious career, which includes five Grammy nominations. It’s unclear if Yankee will make gospel music moving forward, but whatever his new plans are, the singer appears at peace with his decision.

Latavia Roberson Says Reuniting With Beyonce Was What She Needed [Video]

LaTavia Roberson’s sit-down with Carlos King has everybody talking, and one of the stand-out moments was her reuniting with Beyonce.

The former Destiny’s Child star first reunited with Bey during a leg of her and Jay Z’s “On The Run II” tour in 2018, making it their first time seeing each other in almost 20 years.

Roberson shared that seeing her group mate for the first time in over a decade was “love.” She got an opportunity to meet Bey and Jay-Z’s twins, Sir and Rumi, and chop it up with Blue Ivy and Solange.

“It was just a moment that needed to happen. I did say to myself in that moment, I was like, ‘You know what, if I never see her again, this is what I needed.’ It was wonderful for me,” Roberson told King.

The former group members came together once again this year during the Houston stop of the Renaissance tour.

Roberson did admit that many people were resentful towards Bey after Roberson’s tumultuous exit from Destiny’s Child. However, she never held any hard feelings towards her childhood friend, as she was not the one responsible for Roberson and LeToya Luckett’s firing from DC. This made the reunion moment even more emotional. Roberson even took her time among the famous family to hug Matthew Knowles, someone she felt contributed to her firing. This moment was freeing for Roberson, as she harbored a wide range of emotions regarding his role in the DC group switch-up. However, when speaking with Bey, the women never discussed the group breakup. Instead, the women reminisced about the magic they made together in those early days of their careers.

“It was so good for me. I loved it,” Roberson gloated.

Will Smith Opens Up About Challenges Faced During Career, Calling Fame A “Unique Monster” [Video]

Will Smith candidly discussed his personal life, including the numerous well-publicized highs and lows he has experienced in recent times.

During the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, the 55-year-old actor expressed his thoughts on fame in light of the challenges he has faced over the past few years. According to a video shared by Deadline on X, formerly known as Twitter, Smith stated,  “Fame is a unique monster. I’ve had to be really careful.”

He added, “You can’t get excited when everybody is saying good things about you because the more you take when people are saying good things about you, the more hurt you’re going to be when people are saying bad things about you.”

Smith also elaborated that the recent challenges he has faced have led him to reassess and shift his personal priorities.

“What I’ve experienced in my adversities of the last couple years is, I have to be clear about who I am and what I am attempting to do in the world. I can’t need others to applaud for me to stay focused on my mission,” the Oscar-winner said.  “I have always wanted to put good into the world, I have always wanted to make people smile,  “I HaveI have always been devoted to the process of joy and inspiration, and I want you to feel good.”
In the past few years, Smith has experienced significant criticism and backlash. One notable incident occurred during the 2022 Oscars when he slapped presenter Chris Rock in response to a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s, shaved head. Additionally, the Smiths’ marriage came under intense scrutiny after Pinkett Smith revealed, while promoting her memoir, “Worthy,” that the couple had actually been separated since 2016.

Jamie Foxx Makes First Public Appearance Since Medical Scare: Opens Up About Mystery Illness and Temporary Loss of Mobility: ‘I Couldn’t Actually Walk’

Jamie Foxx emotionally opened up about his recent hospitalization, revealing he was unable to walk at one point.

This revelation occurred during his first public appearance since the incident while accepting the Vanguard Award at the Critics Choice Association event in Los Angeles.

“You know it’s crazy I couldn’t do that six months ago. I couldn’t actually walk,” Foxx said.

“And I’m not a clone, I’m not a clone. I know a lot of people were saying I was cloned out there,” he added while laughing.

“It feels good to be here. I cherish every single minute now. It’s different. You know? It’s different. It’s beyond — I wouldn’t wish what went through on my worst enemy because it’s tough when it’s almost over, when you see the tunnel,” Foxx continued.

“I saw the tunnel, I didn’t see the light!” he said jokingly. “It was hot in that tunnel! I didn’t know what I was doing. S—, am I going to the right place? I see the devil going ‘c’mon.'”

Foxx faced a medical emergency during the filming of “Back in Action” in April. He remained out of the public eye until July, when he shared on Instagram that he had “went to hell and back” but was on the path to recovery.

“If you see me out from now on, and every once in a while I just burst into tears, it’s because it’s been tough man, I was sick man, but now I’ve got my legs under me so you’ll see me out,” he said.

Additionally, he thanked his sister and daughter for “not letting anybody know anything that happened,” adding, “I can only say that you need somebody like that in your corner.”

Foxx revealed that he was treated in Chicago and said the ordeal has given him a deeper respect for life and art.

“Black people, when we almost die or go through something like that, there’s two phrases, one of two phrases we say. One is, ‘Lord, have mercy, Jesus. Lord, have mercy, Jesus.’” he said.

“I want to say thank you so much. I want to say, six months ago I couldn’t fathom that this could happen or that I would be here, but as I walk up here to this microphone and get this Vanguard Award, all I can say is Lord, have mercy, Jesus.”

T.J. Holmes Says He Turned To Weed Edibles & Alcohol After His Relationship With Amy Robach Was Outed

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have finally released their long-awaited podcast, and the controversial couple is spilling tea.

On Tuesday, “Amy & T.J.” debuted on iHeartPodcasts, and the pair finally spoke on their relationship, which led to their termination from “Good Morning America.” Both were married at the time, and their extramarital affair did not align with the family-friendly programming. However, the pair has no regrets about how things went down.

“We have fought for love, and I can say that I’ve never been happier. I am with my best friend. We have gone through, I think it’s fair to say, a year of hell, but we have had each other through it all,” Robach said on the show.

During the early days of the scandal, Robach was fearful that Holmes had harmed himself after photographers snapped pictures of them together, virtually outing the couple. According to Robach, she was forced to do a wellness check performed after “GMA” producers couldn’t reach him. He’d also sent her alarming text messages speaking in the past tense. Looking back, Holmes admits that his mind state may have been altered, especially considering that he’d heavily turned to marijuana edibles and liquor to cope with losing his job and the public scrutiny surrounding it.

In one message, Holmes wrote, “I’m sorry, you were the love of my life. I’m so sorry this has happened.”

Thankfully, the couple have had a “total reset” and are now looking forward to spending their lives together.

“It has been the most beautiful relationship I have ever had in my life,” Robach shares.

Saucy Santana Opens Up About His Apprehensions About Having A Gay Son: “It’s Just Not Easy” [Video]

Saucy Santana recently opened up on VH1’s For The Fellas about his apprehensions about possibly having a gay son.

During the interview, the rapper admitted to being afraid for his future son to encounter the same hate and criticism he experienced for his own dating preferences.

“I think for me, just being honest – I’m just worried about how to raise a kid and just me being gay,” he began. “And I feel like if I have a son, I wouldn’t want my son to be gay. And not because nothing is wrong with it but because of everything I went through. I don’t look at it as self-hate because I love myself more than anybody.”

He said: “I think that it’s just not easy. I want better and I don’t even know if better is the right word because it’s not saying… To me, nothing is wrong with being gay.”

Chrisean Rock & Jaidyn Alexis Link Up to Take Shots & Mock Blueface on IG Livestream [Video]

Chrisean Rock finds an unlikely ally in Jaidyn Alexis after Blueface allegedly got into a car accident with Chrisean Jr. 

The drama unfolded in the early hours of Monday morning when Blue claimed he had to “rescue” the infant from Rock’s friend and babysitter, Marsh. While holding the child, he shared videos claiming Rock abandoned the baby to see a man, though Rock says she was in the studio. During that clip, Blue also threatened to have Alexis beat up Marsh and even told Rock’s friend he’d beat her himself, something Rock says he actually followed through with. After the ordeal, Rock went live with Alexis, where the “Baddies” star explained her side of things. 

“It don’t matter who I was with. So, then I’m like, ‘he got the baby?’ He got in a car accident with the baby. It’s just some weird sh** going on,” Rock said. 

At one point, Alexis and Rock got Jr. inside the car but then started taking shots. This seemingly annoyed Blue, who said he would leave his two kids from Alexis “across the street” since she’d chosen to get in the car with Rock and leave the children with Blue.

As for Alexis, she appeared happy to be live with Rock and was unphased by Blue’s antics as they laughed and joked. She was formally at odds with Blue’s newest baby mama, even fighting her before over their shared love of the Cali rapper.

Very interesting turn of events in the Alexis, Rock, Blue universe.

Muni Long Opens Up About Lupus Struggles and Reveals Autism Diagnosis

On Sunday, Muni Long took to Twitter to reveal to fans that she was autistic while also updating them on her Lupus diagnosis.

“So apparently, I’m autistic, and my free self is the version of me that I began repressing at the age of 22 because it made people highly uncomfortable,” she tweeted to her followers. “It started first with me doing insane amounts of drugs, and then when that didn’t work, I just held it in. Which led to lupus.”

She said, “And now the lupus has gotten to a point where it’s effectively impossible to contain. And in order to free myself from the roller coaster that is autoimmune disease, I have to let my emotions, thoughts, and feelings out. But, Autism!”

Muni then described the situation as “wack” but said that understanding it “explains so much.”

“A lot of days, I just wanna put my head in the pillow and scream… minus the pillow, though,” she wrote.

Long discussed her lupus diagnosis during a recent appearance on REVOLT’sBlack Girl Stuff.”

“Lupus is an stress-related disease,” she explained to the hosts. “It’s a silent, invisible struggle ’cause you can’t see it. You wake up in the morning and you look just fine, but you really feel like you got ran over by a train… There’s a lot of different things that I’ve experienced with this diagnosis, everything from hair loss to skin rashes. Being in this business is vainglorious, so that affects my output so much. When I feel good, I look good, I produce well. When I feel like crap, and I gotta go out… Even something as small as someone touching my arm, it hurts. But I gotta smile, and I gotta talk to people when I don’t feel like talking.”

That’s Baller: Jamaican Track & Field Athlete Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Inks New Deal With Luxury Watch Maker Richard Mille

Star runner Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has landed a prestigious partnership with Richard Mille.

The Jamaican sprinter joins the company as a brand ambassador as she gears up for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. As part of the new deal, Fraser-Pryce, who has been nicknamed the “Pocket Rocket,” will rock an RM 07-04 Automatic Sport during the Parisian games. The legendary watch company and Fraser-Pryce announced the big news via Instagram on November 29th. In her formal statement, Fraser-Pryce said she was excited to partner with Richard Mille as yet another way of her defying the odds.

“People have always told me what I could or couldn’t do; I wanted to be part of a brand that knows about timing and where age doesn’t limit your progress. At the end of the day, we have the same vision as it pertains to our legacy. What we want to achieve is timeless,” Fraser-Pryce explained.

Fraser-Pryce has achieved so much throughout her career. She has earned ten gold and four silver medals. The 36-year-old is the only sprinter to hold five world titles in the 100 meters, taking home the title in 2009, 2013, 2015, 2019 and 2022. For this reason, Brand and Partnership Director Amanda Mille feels that Fraser-Pryce is the right woman for the job.

“She is a strong woman who combines sprinting with being a mother. As if that wasn’t already enough, she finds the energy for her charity work, and this all-round commitment totally reflects our values,” Mille stated.

Fans will witness Fraser-Pryce wear the timepiece during the games, which begin July 26th, 2024, and conclude August 11th, 2024.