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Amazon’s Prime Video Will Feature Limited Ads Starting 2024

Amazon’s Prime Video Will Feature Limited Ads Starting 2024

Well, get ready for some commercials. On Friday, Amazon announced it will no longer be ad-free. Starting in 2024 (no exact date disclosed), the company’s streaming service will add commercials. Next year, Prime Video service will feature limited ads. The company said the ad tier will be the default option …

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Tinashe Is Open To Reconciling With Chris Brown Following The “Embarrassing” Statement: “I Think He Didn’t Actually Watch The Full Video” [Video]

Chris Brown Fires Back at Tinashe After She Labeled Their Collab "Embarrassing"

Tinashe is open to reconciling with Chris Brown following her statement about their previous collaboration. Tinashe gained significant attention recently when a video clip of her discussing her collaborations with R. Kelly and Chris Brown went viral. In a September 12 interview with Zach Sang, she revealed that her former …

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Biden Forgives $37 Million in Student Loan Debt for University of Phoenix Graduates

The Biden administration is canceling $37 million in federal student loan debt for over 1,200 University of Phoenix borrowers because the school misled them about job prospects. This is a more targeted approach to student debt forgiveness after the Supreme Court blocked a broader program.

In August, the Department of Education canceled $72 million in federal student loan debt for over 2,300 borrowers who attended Ashford University due to similar concerns about deceptive practices.

Since 2021, the Biden administration has canceled over $117 billion of the approximately $1.7 trillion in outstanding federal student loan debt.

Former University of Phoenix students who attended between September 2012 and December 2014 and applied for loan forgiveness under the borrower defense to repayment program are now eligible for debt relief due to allegations of college deception or fraud.

The Department of Education discovered that the University of Phoenix made false claims about partnerships with numerous corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, offering students hiring advantages, building upon an FTC investigation.

In 2019, the University of Phoenix reached a settlement agreement with the FTC regarding similar claims, although the university did not admit to or deny any allegations at that time.

“The University of Phoenix brazenly deceived prospective students with false ads to get them to enroll,” said Federal Student Aid chief operating officer Richard Cordray.

“Students who trusted the school and wanted to better their lives through education ended up with mounds of debt and useless degrees,” he added.

Earlier this week, The University of Phoenix issued a statement refuting the government’s findings and emphasizing that the school admitted no wrongdoing when settling with the FTC in 2019.

“We respectfully, but adamantly disagree with the U.S. Department of Education’s allegations related to the Dec. 2019 University of Phoenix settlement with the Federal Trade Commission,” it said.

“While the University is not against relief for borrowers who have valid claims, we intend to vigorously challenge each frivolous allegation and suspicious claim through every available legal avenue.”

Eligible borrowers will be notified in early October about the approval of their debt relief applications. Student loan servicers will put their loans in forbearance until the debt is canceled, and these borrowers won’t need to make payments, even after the pandemic-related loan payment freeze ends in October.

Former University of Phoenix students who believe they were affected during those years can apply for student debt relief under the borrower defense program on the Federal Student Aid website.

The Biden administration has simplified the process for federal student loan forgiveness through various existing programs, including expanding eligibility for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and initiating a one-time account adjustment for borrowers who have been making payments for at least 20 years.


Amazon’s Prime Video Will Feature Limited Ads Starting 2024

Well, get ready for some commercials. On Friday, Amazon announced it will no longer be ad-free. Starting in 2024 (no exact date disclosed), the company’s streaming service will add commercials.

Next year, Prime Video service will feature limited ads. The company said the ad tier will be the default option for Amazon Prime memberships, along with free shipping, Amazon Music, and other perks, The Hollywood Reporter reported, adding that the company said the price for a regular subscription will not go up. But if watching TV without commercials is your thing, be prepared to pay the $2.99 per month upcharge to keep that luxury with the platform.

Ads aren’t new to streaming platforms. Netflix, Disney+, and Warner Bros. Discovery Max have also switched sides to increase their revenue streams through advertisement. Other popular streaming services like Hulu and Peacock have had commercials from the beginning.

Still, Amazon vows to have “meaningfully fewer” commercials compared to linear TV, the outlet added. By adding on ads, the company will be able to keep investing in programming, notably live sports programming like NFL Thursday NightFootball, which runs up to $1 billion per year.

Viewers in the U.S., UK, Canada, and Germany can expect to see commercials rolling out early next year. And those in Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, and Australia later in 2024.

Uncle Shay Shay and Chad Ochocinco’s ‘NightCap’ Podcast is the Sports Show We Didn’t Know We Needed

After leaving Fox Sports‘ “Undisputed,” Shannon Sharpe decided to work smarter, not harder. He has since teamed up with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s “First Take,” appearing twice a week while dedicating the rest of his week to his widely-followed ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast. Initially, he had one podcast, but Shannon has recently expanded his content portfolio by introducing a new weekly show on Sundays with former NFL player Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson and it has been well worth the watch.

After the lengthy NFL slate every week, Uncle Shay and Ochocinco catch up on every game and the most impactful moments from the day with the new show, “Nightcap with Unc and Ocho.” It’s a football-based podcast that has multiple pockets. With Chad Ochocinco being a self-proclaimed frugal person and Shannon often being the opposite, conversations with this duo continue to get funnier and funnier every episode.

Check out the hilarity they immerse themselves in week by week below.

And be sure to catch the guys on Sunday evenings on the Shay Shay YouTube channel.

Ex-College Student Stabs Mother To Death So She Wouldn’t Find Out She Was Kicked Out of School

23-year-old Sydney Powell has been convicted for the 2020 murder of her mother, Brenda Powell, in Akron, Ohio.

Prosecutors say that in March 2020, Powell struck Brenda Powell in the head with an iron skillet, then stabbed her nearly 30 times in the neck.

She was found guilty on charges of murder, felonious assault, and tampering with evidence.

Powell, who was 19 at the time of the murder, showed emotion, with tears streaming down her face when the verdict was delivered in the Summit County Common Pleas courtroom.

Prosecutors say that Powell was convicted of killing her mother because she had been expelled from college and didn’t want her mother to find out.  Brenda, who worked at Akron Children’s Hospital for nearly 30 years, died from her injuries following the attack.

Following her arrest, Powell was diagnosed with schizophrenia by three defense experts who evaluated her. They determined that the mental disorder influenced her actions, and she didn’t comprehend the wrongness of her actions.

In court, prosecutors allowed clinical psychologist Dr. Silvia O’Bradovich to testify in response to the defense’s claim that Powell had schizophrenia.

“The best source of information for an insanity evaluation is what was said and felt at the time of the incident,” said O’Bradovich. “It just didn’t add up to Schizophrenia.”

Assistant Prosecutor Brian Stano said, “Sydney stopped attacking with the pan, presumably went to the kitchen with a knife,” per the Akron Beacon Journal. “She had to switch weapons and keep attacking her.”

“Just the knife just in the neck multiple times?  That is purposeful,” Stano added. “That is trying to end someone.”


NFTs “Are Now Worthless” After Gaining Success Two Years Ago, Study Finds

The majority of NFTs might have lost their value just under two years after a surge in the popularity of digital collectibles.

According to a study utilizing data from NFT Scan and CoinMarketCap, among the 73,257 NFT collections analyzed, a staggering 95% of them had a market capitalization of zero ether. Their calculations indicate that nearly 23 million individuals are in possession of these valueless assets.

“This statistic effectively means that 95 percent of people holding NFT collections are currently holding onto worthless investments,” a report said. “Having looked into those figures, we would estimate that 95 percent to include over 23 million people whose investments are now worthless.”

If you’re unaware, NFTs are digital representations of art or collectibles linked to a blockchain. Usually, each NFT is tied to Ethereum and possesses an exclusive signature that cannot be replicated. In 2021 and 2022, the NFT market experienced a substantial spike, even reaching a $2.8 billion monthly trading volume.

During that period, well-known NFT collections like Bored Apes and CryptoPunks were fetching millions of dollars in sales. Additionally, notable figures like Stephen Curry and Snoop Dogg also joined in the trend. This surge coincided with the peak of the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin trading at nearly $70,000. However, as of Wednesday, the crypto’s value had settled just above $27,000.

Nevertheless, the study shows 79% of all existing NFT collections are currently sitting without any buyers. As a result, this leads to an oversupply situation that has resulted in a buyer’s market. Unfortunately, this oversupply hasn’t contributed to rekindling enthusiasm for NFTs.

US Judge Rules Netflix Must Face Defamation Lawsuit Filed by Central Park Five Prosecutor

On Tuesday, US District Judge Kevin Castel ruled that Netflix must face a defamation lawsuit filed by former Manhattan prosecutor Linda Fairstein, who claims that the streaming service, along with director Ava DuVernay and writer-producer Attica Locke, acted with malice in their portrayal of her in the 2019 crime drama series “When They See Us.”

The show portrayed the story of five Black and Hispanic youths who were wrongly imprisoned for five to 13 years following their unjust convictions for the April 1989 assault of a white jogger in Central Park. In 2002, another individual confessed to the crime.

In a 67-page ruling, Judge Castel found that there was evidence suggesting that the defendant’s “reverse-engineered plot points to attribute actions, responsibilities, and viewpoints to Fairstein that were not hers and are unsupported in defendants’ substantial body of research materials.”

The judge stated there was “clear and convincing evidence that defendants were recklessly indifferent to the truth.”

Linda Fairstein, aged 76, was leading the sex crimes unit of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office when the 28-year-old jogger, Trisha Meili, was attacked.

The series includes scenes suggesting Fairstein withheld evidence, coerced confessions, and ordered a mass police roundup of young Black men in Harlem. This portrayal caused backlash, leading to Fairstein losing her publisher, resigning from boards, and becoming a target of social media attacks under #CancelLindaFairstein.

The defendants claimed that Fairstein couldn’t prove their portrayal of her was mostly true and protected by the First Amendment. They also argued that the lawsuit might limit filmmakers in portraying controversial real-life events from “different and often marginalized perspectives.”

In 2014, New York City settled with the five original defendants for $41 million without admitting any wrongdoing.

Joe Jonas Denies Kidnapping Daughters Following Estranged Wife Sophie Turner’s Recent Lawsuit

Joe Jonas has responded to his estranged wife Sophie Turner‘s lawsuit and denies kidnapping their two daughters.

Through a statement issued by his representative, Jonas described the lawsuit as a “harsh legal position” that contradicts the “amicable co-parenting setup”  he thought they had been progressing towards.

“Less than 24 hours later, Sophie advised that she wanted to take the children permanently to the UK. Thereafter, she demanded via this filing that Joe hand over the children’s passports so that she could take them out of the country immediately,” the rep said.

Additionally, Jonas’ spokesperson mentioned that the children have been staying with the “Game of Thrones” star in New York ever since the aforementioned meeting.

“Joe is seeking shared parenting with the kids so that they are raised by both their mother and father, and is of course also okay with the kids being raised both in the US and the UK,”  the rep mentioned, adding that the children have been American citizens since birth.

He also countered Turner’s assertion that she discovered their divorce through the media, stating that she had been informed about his intention to file for divorce after numerous discussions. The legal filing in Miami imposes limitations on both Jonas and Turner, preventing them from relocating with their children.

“This is an unfortunate legal disagreement about a marriage that is sadly ending,” his rep continues. “When language like ‘abduction’ is used, it is misleading at best, and a serious abuse of the legal system at worst. The children were not abducted.”

The couple began their relationship in 2016 and then tied the knot in Las Vegas three years later. In July 2020, they welcomed their first daughter, and two years later, they had a second child. Jonas officially filed for divorce from Turner on September 5th, ending their four-year marriage.

Cardi B Defends Offset After Kenneth Petty Was Sentenced To 120 Days Of House Arrest: “Keep Me And My Mans Out Yall Fuckin Mouth”

Cardi B has rallied behind Offset in response to Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, being sentenced to house arrest.

On Thursday, the fiery Bronx sensation took to Twitter to stand up for her husband, believing that the online discussions surrounding the situation were portraying Offset as the antagonizer. A day prior, court reporter Meghan Cuniff highlighted that the house arrest order imposed on Petty did not reference Offset or Cardi. She emphasized that the probation officer and judge took action on his threats without requiring an external report or complaint.

Blogger Ken Barbie then retweeted Cuniff’s post and stated that Petty had landed himself in legal trouble due to his own threats. Shortly afterwards, Cardi replied to the tweet saying, “EXACTLY KEEP ME AND MY MANS OUT YALL FUCKIN MOUTH.”

Additionally, Nicki appeared to indirectly comment on her husband’s house arrest by posting a mysterious tweet. Some fans interpreted this tweet as a subtle reference to her longstanding feud with Cardi.

Petty was placed under 120 days of house arrest as a result of his comments directed at Offset. In July 2022, Petty received three-years probation and one-year house arrest for failing to register as a sex offender. This occurred shortly after he and Nicki had to relocate to California in 2019, just before their marriage.

Chilli’s Son Announces He Is Expecting A Daughter After Wife’s IVF Journey

Chilli of TLC is about to become the craziest, sexiest, coolest grandmother for the first time. 

Her son, Tron Austin, announced that he and his wife, streamer Jeong Ah Wang, are having their first child together. He broke the news to his Instagram followers on Wednesday, uploading an image of a onesie, ultrasound, and a pregnancy test. The trinkets were also surrounded by needles, signifying the couple’s challenging IVF journey.  

“She went through 2 HSG procedures,1 hysteroscopy, removal of both tubes and scar tissue’s from hernia & appendicitis surgeries, 1 egg retrieval, 1 miscarriage…And still stayed strong through the whole thing!#IVF has tested us and blessed us through a year and a half-journey,” Tron sweetly wrote. 

Tron ended the post by wishing his wife a happy fifth anniversary. Jeong Ah also reposted the touching IG update to her followers. Tron’s famous mother, Chilli, has not yet spoken out about her upcoming granddaughter. Neither has his music producer father, Dallas Austin. Nevertheless, it’s likely they are both happy. Austin has three children, while Chilli is a mom of one. However, it looks like this is the first grandbaby for both. 

The son of music royalty, Tron has followed in his parent’s footsteps. He performs as a rocker, frequently sharing images of him playing solo and with a band. Tron often plays the drums during his mother and T-Boz’s TLC concerts. 

Congrats to the growing family. 

Tinashe Is Open To Reconciling With Chris Brown Following The “Embarrassing” Statement: “I Think He Didn’t Actually Watch The Full Video” [Video]

Tinashe is open to reconciling with Chris Brown following her statement about their previous collaboration.

Tinashe gained significant attention recently when a video clip of her discussing her collaborations with R. Kelly and Chris Brown went viral. In a September 12 interview with Zach Sang, she revealed that her former record label, RCA Records, had compelled her to collaborate with these artists. Despite their greater popularity at the time, she admitted feeling “embarrassed” of her collaboration with R. Kelly and not being too enthusiastic about working with Chris Brown either.

When Chris Brown became aware of the video, he responded by firing back. The singer commented, “Name five Tinashe songs or die… Everybody dead.”

Nevertheless, the Lexington native caught up with TMZ and gave her perspective on the situation, expressing that she believed things had escalated beyond what she had anticipated.

“I think he didn’t actually watch the full video, but it is what it is. It’s fine, it’s all good. [We’re] focused on the future. I would talk to him if he wants to reach out. It’s all love,” she said.

Both Brown and Kelly have faced legal troubles stemming from their treatment of women. Brown has been accused of assault on multiple occasions, while Kelly is presently incarcerated for a range of offenses, including child pornography.

Meanwhile, Tinashe launched her most recent project, titled “BB/ANG3L,” on September 8th. This seven-song LP featured standout tracks such as “Treason,” “Talk To Me Nice,” and “Needs.”

Family Slamming Google After Father Was Directed To Drive Across A Collapsed Bridge

A North Carolina family is going after Google after a traveling father drove off a bridge while following directions on Google Maps.

Phil Paxson passed away on September 30th, 2022, when he drove off a bridge in Hickory that had been collapsed for nine years. There were no barriers or warnings signaling drivers that there was a downed roadway ahead. Unfortunately, Google Maps had not updated, so Paxson wasn’t unaware he was driving directly into danger when he was instructed to cross the area on his route. Sadly, he was found drowned in a river below the remains of the bridge. Paxson was headed home from his nine-year-old daughter’s birthday.

“It was a dark and rainy night, and he was following his GPS, which led him down a concrete road to a bridge that dropped off into a river,” a loved one wrote in a Facebook post. Aside from Google, the family is also suing the agencies responsible for landscaping and repairs in the region.

Multiple residents who live near the wrecked bridge have used the “suggest an edit” function on Google to have the maps corrected. Unfortunately, Google never followed up. Those who live close to the crash site have also asked local officials to fix the area for years or at least have it secured. Their pleas were also ignored, despite drivers before Paxson mistakenly trying to cross the bridge.

Google did not comment on prior complaints about updating their maps of the area. However, they did tell CNN they are “reviewing this lawsuit.”

The family is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

Remy Ma Addresses Rumors That Claim She Cheated On Papoose With Battle Rapper Eazy The Block Captain: “I’m Comfortable. Listen, It’s Battle Rap” [Video]

Remy Ma is facing infidelity allegations in her long-term marriage to Papoose, with claims suggesting a romantic involvement with battle rapper Eazy The Block Captain. However, she remains unfazed by the rumors.

Allegedly, the Bronx rapper has been involved with Eazy for several months, and blogger Tasha K even presented a photograph of them dining together as one of the pieces of supporting evidence. The rumors resurfaced after a recent battle between Eazy and fellow battle rapper Geechi Gotti on Saturday, during which Geechi mentioned their alleged relationship.

I don’t give a fuck if you’re fucking this n*gga, just tell him to stop screwing the business. Y’all the poster child symbol for Black love. Every interview he show his admiration and tell the world how he think his woman the greatest. N*gga he held you down in prison for six years, I know it was not nice, he cried big tears,” he rapped. “He stood by you by your biggest accomplishments front row giving you big cheers. Man you got a beautiful baby girl who is also amazing. He’ll be damned if he lose you to this bozo in braces. Listen he took you out to the best foods, when you ain’t feeling good he put you back in the best moods!”

Remy, who had attended the battle, was later interviewed by 15MofeRadio to gather her perspective on the comments made during the event.

“He [was just saying] what’s been on the blogs for the last three/four months,” she said. “I’m comfortable. Listen, it’s battle rap.”

Remy and Papoose have been married for 15-year, having also dated for several years prior to tying the knot. Together, they are proud parents to a daughter named Reminisce MacKenzie Jr.

Lizzo Slammed For Allowing Her Team To Sexualize Staffer, New Lawsuit Claims

Another person is coming forward, claiming that Lizzo’s team created a toxic work environment.

This time, it’s her wardrobe designer, Asha Daniels. She is the woman responsible for creating the looks for the singer and backup dancers during her tour. According to Daniels, Lizzo’s management team and employees with her production company would force dancers to change clothes in small spaces that offered no privacy. This allowed white male staffers to view the plus-sized dancers half-naked and would often laugh at them. Daniels also says the production company supervisor, Amanda Nomura, made several racist and fatphobic comments.

While Lizzo does not necessarily seem to be the culprit, Daniels’ attorney, Ron Zambrano, says since she is the boss, “the buck stops with her.” However, a spokesman for Lizzo, Stefan Friedman, calls Zambrano’s and Daniels’ claims a “publicity-stunt lawsuit.” He also suggested Daniels has never met nor spoken with Lizzo personally.

Zambrano also represents Lizzo’s three backup dancers, who say they interacted with the star regularly and were treated poorly while touring with her. Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez claim the “Truth Hurts” forced them to attend a sex show and even eat a banana from a nude dancer’s private area. The sexual misconduct was also apparent in Daniels’ suit, who says she was in a group chat with members of Lizzo’s team who shared explicit photos of a male. They also commented about hiring sex workers to perform and purchasing drugs, which the star allegedly turned a blind eye to.

Lizzo has denied all allegations against her. Friedman has called the latest allegations from Daniels “absurd.”

Travis Scott’s Attorney in Astroworld Case Says Rapper Can’t Hand Over Cell Data Because His Phone is at the Bottom of the Gulf of Mexico

Travis Scott’s phone is reportedly at the bottom of the ocean, making it impossible for Astroworld victims to retrieve its data.

The revelation came out during Monday’s eight-hour deposition. The rapper and producer is still embroiled in a legal fight with survivors of the deadly 2021 music festival and the families of those who perished. Lawyers for the plaintiffs requested phone records but were told that Scott’s phone accidentally went into the water during a boating trip. This setback is a blow to the plaintiff’s lawyers, who have accused Scott’s team of purposefully dodging their requests for his cell phone information. However, the “Sicko Mode” performer claims giving up the device would place confidential information at risk of leaking, despite it being court-ordered. With the device now being somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s clear Scott won’t have to worry about its content seeing the light of day.

Scott has been cleared of all criminal charges related to the ten people who were crushed to death at his festival. However, he is still facing several civil suits. The first was settled in October 2022. His representative, Ted Anastasiou, questioned why Scott was the focus of the investigation despite having been cleared of wrongdoing.

“What is not typical is how the media continues to focus on him despite being cleared of any wrongdoing by extensive government investigations, including by the Houston Police Department,” he said to the Associated Press.

Scott has not said much about the case since his infamous interview with Charlamagne tha God in December 2021, which many felt was shifting the blame to others aside from himself.

Wanna Join the Mile High Club? Flight Attendants Share Tips On Having Sex While Flying

Something about getting it on in the sky gives some people a thrill. But let’s face it, it’s not that easy to achieve, especially when you’re on a  flight packed with others.

Still, sex on a plane happens to be on a lot of people’s bucket list. It’s like some kind of elite club. It’s definitely for the risky and the brave, and less than most can say they’ve actually had sex on a plane.

Here are a few tips from some flight crew members for those who want to earn their bragging rights as a member of the “Mile High Club.”

Marika Mikusova, a former flight attendant for a luxury airline and author of “Diary of A Flight Attendant” suggests the toilet as the safest place to try and join the ‘mile high club’.

“The lavatories in economy class are by far the ‘safest’ place to join the mile-high club,” she explained. “Economy class is so vast that you can barely see the end of it. And it has several lavatories.”

One anonymous flight attendant said long-haul flights provide the best opportunity because they are relatively empty.

“A lot of them are overnight, so people have some time to drink, the cabin gets dark, and off you go.”

Another source says members-to-be should go for it at the right time.

“Do it when the cabin crew are seated and the seatbelt sign is on. Takeoff, landing, severe turbulence. Who knows, that could help. Crew service is also a good time. If the crew is up at the front of the cabin with the cart, no one is in the back, and that’s a perfect opportunity to use the lavatory.”

Another crewmember says it’s possible to get it on if you can book a first-class cabin enclosed suite. Not every airline has these type of cabins, but for those who are solid about crossing this off their list, then they should consider finding an airline that has enclosed suites that come with personal bathrooms and showers.

Lastly, remember this isn’t the time to rock your boo’s world. In other words it isn’t the time for hardcore action, moans and multiple positions. Keep it cool and not too much. You don’t want to bring attention to yourselves or get in trouble.

“I tell them you can’t do that here, it’s not acceptable. I don’t want to embarrass them and I don’t want to involve other passengers,” a source said.