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Tyler Perry Brings White House “The Oval” Drama To BET

Tyler Perry Talks Hollywood

Tyler Perry is bringing a new series that will highlight drama in the White House to BET. “The Oval” is Perry’s next TV series,  which will tell the story of a new first family entering the White House. #EdQuinn has been cast as President Hunter Franklin, while #KronMoore will play …

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Tyler Perry Used His Personal Plane To Fly Aid To The Bahamas

Tyler Perry BET AWard

Tyler Perry promised to help, and to keep his word, he reportedly used his personal plane to ship water, hygiene items, sleeping bags, and other necessities down to the hardest-hit areas, according to CNN, also stating he’s made two trips to the Abaco Islands so far. The movie-maker posted on …

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Why Men Choose Strippers

  A recent interview prompted me to write this. It seems that as women, we can’t quite figure out why men would want to wife a stripper If you look at it from a man’s point of view, it’s actually quite simple actually.    Let’s assume he meets her at …

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