Gabrielle Union Says Dwyane Wade Won’t Let Their Kids Believe In Santa Claus

Gabrielle Union vs santa Clause

Christmas, whether celebrated religiously or commercially, is arguably one of the greatest holidays for its meaning and widely celebrated traditions. While many families use the holiday to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ through fellowship and gift-giving, others associate the holiday with Good Ole’ Saint Nick, otherwise known as Santa …

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Trump Administration Threatened To Fire Top NOAA Employees If They Didn’t Agree With Trump’s False Hurricane Dorian Tweet About Alabama

Trump vs NOAA

The Trump administration’s Secretary of Commerce threatened to fire top employees at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) after the agency contradicted DonaldTrump in a tweet about Hurricane Dorian possibly reaching Alabama. According to Newsweek, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross forced the Birmingham office of the National Oceanic and …

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Felicity Huffman Says She Was Just Trying “To Be A Good Mother” In Letter To Judge Ahead of Sentencing; Twitter Reacts To Possible 1 Month Sentence

Felicity Huffman Sentenced

Later this week, actress Felicity Huffman is set to be sentenced for her role in a huge college admissions cheating scam dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues.”  Ahead of her sentencing, the actress penned a letter to the judge, expressing “utter shame” for her role in the scam. Although she revealed there …

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