GROUPIE HEALTH AWARENESS BLOG: The Oral Sex Cancer Connection….

Omg it’s getting worse! “Teresa Dillon was surprised to learn four years ago that what she deemed as an average sore throat actually was stage 2 cancer on her tonsil. “People think the face of oral cancer is a 70-year-old man who’s been chewing tobacco and drinking whiskey all his …

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Face It : It’s Over !

I didn’t want things to reach this point, but you’ve forced my hand. It’s over between us. There I said. It’s not like I haven’t said this before … you just refuse to listen. So that’s why I’ve decided to take the drastic step of saying it in front of …

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Friends With Benefits The Cold Hard Facts !

A buddy once told me that his only wish in life was to meet a hot woman who was only interested in a Friends-With-Benefits type relationship. Now while his aspirations were noble (and a bit lustful), I’m pretty sure he didn’t properly weigh the pros and cons before placing that …

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