My collaboration with Noire….

My collaboration with Noire is now available. Be sure to check out my new work with an urban flaire. Product Description In this bold collection of hard-hitting urban erotic quickies, Noire, the undisputed Queen of Urban Erotica, brings you eleven authors who explore, without apology or restraint, street sagas of …

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Some Ballers..Whether Young or Old..are just DUMB!!

I guess its true about the saying, you can lead the horse to the trough, but you can’t make him drink. Some people just don’t get it. Being a sports figure I’m assuming is a hard job, but staying out of trouble must be even harder; whether they still have …

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2nights the Night!..Jean Grae Live!!!

Jean Grae Tests her “Jeanius” @ The Black Cat w/ MDCL, Reemstarr & Underdog Produced by 9th Wonder, “Jeanius” showcases Jean Grae’s ability to reverse trends amidst a diminishing pool of lyricists and female emcees. For her performance, Jean Grae will be joined by her longtime collaborator Mr. Len of …

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