A Pimpstress has 4 different types of men

THE HUSBAND He is the sweetest, loving, kindest man you know. His intellect makes him sexy although he is handsome. He treats you like a queen and puts you first. He takes care of the kids, you and home. This is the man you love coming home to. He spoils …

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The company you keep

It Is Better To Be Alone, Than In The Wrong Company Tell me who your best friends are, and I will tell you who you are. If you run with wolves, you will learn how to howl. But, if you associate with eagles, you will learn how to soar to …

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The break-down of types of groupies

1. The Gutter Groupies. These are the women who will wait outside the arena gates after a game and do anything, sometimes right there in the parking lot. If a player is feeling particularly chivalrous, he might let one service him in his Bentley. Gutter Groupies don’t spring for airfare …

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POLITICAL BALLIN: Matt Damon campaigns for Obama in Florida!

Matt Damon is firmly on the Obamawagon… “With nine days left before the presidential election, actor Matt Damon is trying to keep Americans fired up and eager to vote. Damon is participating in the Florida VoteFest ’08 Sunday and Monday, a statewide initiative to encourage people to vote early. “I …

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Doesn’t Love Me Anymore

“They say it’s hard to make long distance relationships work, but who really cares what “they” say. In my heart, I was so convinced that he was the one for me. So it didn’t matter what anyone else had to say. When it was time for him to move away, …

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Shut Your Mouth: Relationship Misstatements

From Beyonce and Jay-Z to Barack and Michelle Obama, all couples are sure to face days when their relationship isn’t chock full of rainbows, unicorns, and fairies sprinkling magical pixie dust about as they gleefully float on the wings of love. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. While the highs …

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