What Happened To Gloria Velez?

Is this even her? I went to her website and obviously she didn’t pay the bill because it’s shut down. Gloria Velez (born December 18, 1978) is an American bikini model, former Hip Hop model, dancer, hip hop and r&b artist and actress who is a native of Long Island, …

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Bobby Brown has hit a new low. Bobby had a concert a few weeks ago and hired a chauffeur to transport him and his entourage form the airport to the hotel. Sources say Bobby and crew enlisted in the help of a couple of airport skycaps to load his massive …

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Ghetto Pimpin Baller Mayor Kilpatrick is in Trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghetto Hip Hop mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was charged with perjury, obstruction of justice and official misconduct Today, stemming from a sex scandal and the prominent Democrat’s handling of an $8.4 million settlement of a whistle-blower lawsuit against the city. The eight-count criminal indictment included six alleged felonies and would carry …

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New York Golddigger’s GoldMINE

Ballers at Tenjune I am partial to this list because it is mostly white spots, depending on what you like it may or may not work for you, but you must understand that ballers hang out ANYWHERE. I have yet to meet one who thought a spot wasnt black enough… …

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Azzareya’s Bio is so ghetto – Who wrote this shit?

As crazy as it may be, it’s the truth: human mutts make up the majority of this world’s “beautiful” population. When the right races or Caribbean natives procreate, you can easily create a victim of envy. Take 23-year-old dime deluxe Azzareya (ghetto children, say it with me: “Azz-uh-ray-uh”), the closest …

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How To Snag A Baller – (Revisited)

Let’s face it Ladies in order to get a Ballers attention you can’t just come with your every day get up. It takes time to prepare to get ready for a night out on the scene and attention to detail is very important. While it may seem like common sense …

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Carmelo and Lala Are Pregnant Again

Carmello Anthony has been in NY this week (we sent out a baller alert last night). I heard the party was great. is reporting that Carmello and Lala are expecting another child. It was previously reported a few months ago on but was denied. It’s true…she is pregnant …

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