First Baller Alert Blog

Hooray Baller!! This is my first blog on I must say, for being a white guy who really doesn’t follow the ballers too much this site is really cool. The concept of it is quite brilliant in fact. Finally, a community based around individuals who actually USE these type …

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Tear Em to Shreds!

Ladies, ladies, ladies, if you’re anything like me, you have a denim closet meant to put even the major fashionistas to shame. Some you might wear more than others, however, what do you do when the threads to start to loosen, and the edges start getting frayed? Do you throw …

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What’s goodie my BA ladies and gents(I use that term loosely w/ some of ya’ll men lol) I am going to ATL for the first time since I was a child. Can anybody give me some idea’s as to whats goin on Thr-Mon of this upcoming week? I would appreciate …

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Ladies why do we do this???

Laser Hair Removal promises a permanent solution to hair removal but like everything else it has its down effects. In my latest post on BDK I inform ladies of the downsides of Laser Treatments like, burns scars etc. Like Plastic Surgery, what you have to understand is whenever there is …

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Showing Affection Your Baller Needs Love Too….

When it comes to showing your affection towards your significant other, there are so many ways you can do it. On the physical end of it, most guys that I know are very big fans of having their heads scratched or having your fingers run through their hair. I have …

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Throw some Ribs on the Grill for you baller!!!!

1 slab pork spare ribs (about 4 pounds) 4-ounces BBQ Seasoning, recipe follows 1 quart BBQ Sauce, recipe follows Place pork rib slab flat on a clean chopping board. Pull off membrane. Cut off the excess fat and meat. Season both sides of the slab with BBQ Seasoning. Refrigerate for …

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Best foot foward

For the ladies that do go on national television representing the site. First impressions mean something not everything, but keep your appearance in mind . Before you are given the opportunity to open your mouth and let your knowledge, wit, sense of humor and education speak for you, your looks …

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So you caught him Cheating!

I posted a blog on my site BDK regarding a friend that had caught her boyfriend cheating although I was able to give her an answer, It made me realise what are peoples views on cheating, have you been a victim, a cheater what are your views on the situation …

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