The more exclusive the place, the better chance you have of meeting suitable sugar daddies. Donald Trump’s wedding would have been an ideal place. Once you’ve seen a sign of obvious wealth, i.e. a fancy watch or designer shoes, there are questions that you will want to ask. Your first …

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It’s quite possible that someone who provides for you financially may feel entitled to tell you what to do, how to act, how to dress, how to speak, and so on–since they are footing the bill. If you’re completely dependent on their income, you may have to choose between your …

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So guys…Lets make up Your mind. To often, I get get mixed feelings about the Good gurl and the Bad gurl. Like, a chameleon…women change from good to bad, or rather naughty or nice. So tell me, If you were “Santa” and I had been Naughty all year, WOuld I …

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Massage Therapy to Entice Your Baller

Ladies, have you ever felt like making your baller feel extremely special? Perhaps, treating him to something you know he’d like, like tickets to basketball game, sending him away on a fishing trip, or simply just catering to him in every way imagineable. As much as you might hate it, …

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What do people with astronomical amounts of money do? If they’re smart, they’d invest in things that would increase in value such as buying property, or buy shares in a prospective stock. But not all people think as logically as I do. I honestly feel once I come into a …

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Beauty Tips for the Summer Heat…..

This weekend has felt like hell on eartth. Very muggy & humid, which leads to ultimate disaster. You break a sweat just at the blink of an eye. And if you’re anything like me, you only come out when the sun goes down. The heat not only does a number …

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Asking him for $$$$$

Courtesy of Ladies, we have all been through that spell in our lives where we didn’t want to seem like gold diggers by asking for money from the men that we are and have been intimately involved with. This ladies, is a single yet somewhat difficult thing to do …

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Braylon Edwards: Sexy + Swagger = HOT!

Instead of speculating about his sexual preference, let’s focus on his sex appeal and swagger. WR Braylon Edwards of the Cleveland Browns is EXTREMELY HOT – both women and men can nod in agreement to that! From the looks of these photos, he’s practicing for a career in modeling, post …

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If You Sprinkle Before You Tinkle….

There are some things money can’t buy. Such things as common sense. As women, we ALWAYS have to be on point. Why? Even with the most minor flaw, such as a strand of hair being out of place, someone will let you know about it. Which brings me to my …

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